Friday, December 30, 2011

The rehearsal of the New Year's Eve song show AKB48 A member appears in his different dress.

The rehearsal of "62nd NHK Kohaku Song Contest" broadcast on New Year's Eve was performed in "NHK Hall" (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) on the 29th, and the popular idol group "AKB48" appeared.

When the member appeared on the stage in his different dress, he announced "Japan which will red-and-white 2011 AKB48 special MIX? Do its best" which connected in the medley the million hit song "the wind is blowing" released this year, "premature start get", etc. [!? ]

It is expected that the "HKT48" sister group to which the stage of this AKB48 works at a base on a sister group "SKE48", "NMB48", and Hakata also appears in a body, and becomes the greatest ever show.

"Tomorrow will be sung" is a theme, 紅組 acts as a chairman and, as for Ms. Mao Inoue and a white group, the idol group "storm" enacts the "New Year's Eve song show". [ this year ]
Broadcast time of onset is advanced from the 7:30 p.m. start last year for 15 minutes, and it is broadcast at 7:15 p.m. ? said 11:45 (interrupted by news for 5 minutes on the way) of the all the past longest ties.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

AKB48 and ‘7-Eleven’ release their Christmas cake CM

AKB48 wants to know if you’re ready to “deck the halls with boughs of holly” — if not, you better make your way to 7-Eleven and grab one of their Christmas cakes to get into the holiday spirit!

After revealing their special ‘Macaron cake’ at their press conference yesterday, the girls followed up with their full CM. In the commercial, AKB48 introduces several collaboration cakes in cute Santa outfits, as their new song “Noel no Yoru” plays in the background.

7-Eleven will be selling a 9-piece Christmas cake for 3,800 yen, an ice cream cake for 4,500 yen, and a Chocolate house (a spin on the gingerbread house) for 1, 700 yen.

Check out the CM below!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Princess Mako 20th birthday -- It is this summer and a stricken area and he is a volunteer.

Prince and Princess Akishino's eldest daughter Princess Mako celebrated the 20th birthday on the 23rd.
Princess Mako is the first to become an adult among four grandchildren of the Emperor and Empress.

It was interviewed in advance of the birthday and talked from now on about the ambition as the adult age Imperial Family, "I would like to participate in various events."
Princess Mako is a sophomore at International Christian University (ICU).
Calling it "the state where studied the subject which has its interest as mostly as possible, and it had obtained the opportunity of learning", the future dream and target stated "if the idea can be summarized gradually, considering many things through student life."
It is in the residence of Miya and takes refuge under a desk on the East Japan great earthquake day.
He watched television and it turned round, saying, "He was surprised at the size of the scale of damage."
It visited as the volunteer to Yamada-cho, Iwate of a stricken area, Otsuchi-cho, and Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi in summer, and came into contact with children.
It is also continued to say to earthquake disaster revival, "I would like to engage myself in a form of some kind."

Also the scene of making funny removing about experience were cut by carrying out, saying, "There having been a place where a fuse is a little short once" while assuming "It appreciates I having had you baste severely" about Mr. Prince Akishino.
Having seldom considered marriage, the male image of the ideal presupposed "There is no sure thing."
About the time which began to be conscious of the position of the Imperial Family, it revealed with "the schoolchild's hit", and told "Sometimes not feeling it inconvenient has had various opportunities given, although it is not instead."
It has been for the first time in [ 22 years ] since Mr. [ Sayako Kuroda ] that the "inner Imperial prince" who is equivalent to the Emperor's daughter and grandchild among the Imperial Families becomes an adult.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Jenson Button, the first victory of the wish [ in "the 2nd hometown" ]

It stands on a car and the Button which made a goal at the top is a victory pose to a seat, when a car is parked to a pit rain exit.
The man who declares the Japanese University lover wrested away Japanese GP first victory of the wish.

Although lowered to No. 3 at the start, if it rises to surface to the 8th round at the 2nd place, it will concentrate on packing a difference with Fetel.
When the 2nd pit stop was finished and it returned to the course, it had come out before Fetel.
It appreciates with "efforts of the staff and the favor of a fan's aid."
The first visit to Japan was carried out 15 years ago at the age of 16, and it was fascinated with Japan.
Under the relations with Michibata Jessica of a Japanese model.
Exhibition, contribution, etc. to a charitable auction have offered disaster victim support energetically after an East Japan great earthquake.

It said with a bright expression, "He thought that I wanted it to mince as good recollections as possible although Japan is in a severe situation, and did his best."

Sunday, October 2, 2011

[HAYABUSA] It will be United States public presentation determination in March, next year. Impression is in the world!

What United States public presentation opted for in March, next year was announced by "HAYABUSA" stage greeting performed in Tokyo and TOHO Cinema's Roppongi Hills.
The tale describing the project over seven years of the robot craft "Hayabusa" of Japan which accomplished the achievement which brings the sample of asteroid Itokawa home.
In the U.S., Los Angeles etc. are called open schedule in ten or more cities, and Takeuchi Yuko is "United States. -- It is great.
although feelings do not boil yet, "Japanese will be uncanny to the person in the world! " -- the place to say should be seen -- it was glad in ".

The theater of the first day is a day of our departure [ today ], if many "edits, previews, and campaign are examinations in super-no vacancy.
if you please -- you -- please watch -- " -- I seem to be impressive .
Nisida Toshiyuki (63) and Takasima Masanobu -- (-- 45) and others was also 登壇(ed).

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kami Waza grand-prix The creation work just using "superhuman feat" paper

The winning-a-prize work exhibition of the "Kami Waza grand-prix" which competes for the result

of the creation work using paper is opened in the Jujiya hall in the Ginza, Tokyo.
Up to the 17th.

It was planned to send the charm and possibility of paper to a paperless time, and about 60 points are exhibited and a piano, a bag, etc. which were built with paper are delighting the visitor.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

[Nadeshiko Japan] The participation in the London Olympic Games is determined. China is beaten by Australia.

As for a soccer woman's London Olympic Games Asian final qualifiers playoff, the participation in the Olympic Games of an eight-day line crack and the 4th 3 convention continuation of the representative of Japan "Nadeshiko Japan" was decided.

This is the first time that the participation in the London Olympic Games was decided by the organization ball game.
The lost time in the face of a victory catches up for 38 minutes North Korea, waging war, and the second half on that day, opening the scoring by an own goal, it is 1?1, and Japan is a draw beam. However, since China was beaten by Australia after this 0?1, more than the 2nd place of the Japan's primary was decided, without waiting for the final day on the 11th.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In Todaiji Temple"[Mantou] holding a service association"

The face of Rushanabutsu ([rushanabutsu] = great image of buddha) that was managed routine occurrence "Mantou holding a service association" of Todaiji Temple (Nara City) at Bon Festival by this temple great image of buddha lord on the 15th, and was compared from "Kansou window" in front of the great image of buddha lord to a faint light floated.

The light was lit in about 2500 light displayed to the approach to a shrine etc. around 7:00PM. In light that applied for the votive lantern beforehand, the word that wished the revival of "East Japan great earthquake revival prayer" and the stricken area was seen, too.

It started in 1984, and those who visited a shrine became charged for the congestion cancellation etc. on that day this year when the Mantou holding a service association installed the chance to hold a service of the ancestor to the people who were not able to go home at Bon Festival.

Leah Dizonn: The first CM appearance after it divorces

After it divorces of December last year, the talent and Leah Dizonn(24) from the United States appear in advertisements for the first time.

It takes a picture by new CM of "Shonan cosmetic surgery clinic" in Manhattan in U.S. New York in which present home is located in the end of June. It is spoken, "Because the camera had been turned after a long time, it was confusedly strained".

Eldest daughter Mira(2) is taken in January this year immediately after the divorce and it visits America Leah. It studies at the drama school in New York and it is striving , saying that "Second excellent in the class" (parties concerned). It fills one's mouth , saying that "It is nostalgic" when one of the stamina sources finds "Combustion" etc. with Japanese food in the locale. It will be an ambition when the future , saying that "I want to work hard as an actress". Broadcasting schedule of CM in the end of this month.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Is the Yoshida Eri the second person in first victory = girl player in history Baseball and the U.S. independent league

Yoshida Eri pitcher (19) who belonged to the U.S. independent league and Maui of baseball started in advance, enumerated five times in the game against Edmonton that had been done on the Maui,

Hawaii island of the stronghold on the ninth, and the first in this league victory was enumerated in the nice pitching of four safe hit one lost point. It is the second person in history according to the baseball team that the girl player's it becoming a winning pitcher in the professional league Iler Borders since then in 1998.

A ball is thrown to Yoshida of whom arms who are the knuckle balls from [migiyokote] a throw not to concentrate on 19 batters. It deprived of one strikeout though 34 spheres were given.

Yoshida joins Kobe of a Kansai independent league as the first girl professional player in Japan who mixes with the boy and plays in 2009. It has played in the United States since last year.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ando Miki 23 years old is an expression that cannot be thought to be precocious. It is a real challenge and a new front in the mode magazine.

Figure skater's Ando Miki is announcing the appearance to be precocious of it is not possible to think with about 23 years old in mode magazine "Numero TOKYO" under the sale now. Ando Miki that challenged the mode magazine in full scale wrapped in the first class brand of the world, and pushed the frontiers.

Ando Miki that has career to which four-rotation jump is made to succeed for the first time ever as figure skating girl player, and shines to queen again by world title this spring. It is acknowledged, and enchants a lot of fans to ability and the power of expression of the top world. The activity of such Ando Miki shows the talent by many fields as it doesn't stay only in figure skating, and the guest appearance is accomplished by the charity activity and the movie 'COACH coach 40-year-old figure skater'. And, it challenges mode magazine "Numero TOKYO" in full scale this time, and an appearance the re-different from usually is announced.

Ando Miki that wraps develops the new front to the first class Valentino (Valentino) and Marc Jacobs (mark Jacobs) brands of the world including by being ..mode like the adult.. [yosoo] in [shi]. Dressing five patterns that overflows in a different respectively charm like the dress appearance with black dress and one shoulder to which the beauty of the race is remarkable etc. is announced. Moreover, the interview that approaches Ando Miki of the life-size is published, and a real intention not knowable only by seeing Ando Miki's such as "When skating is taken off, I want to send the life as the girl" and "I want never to send the life that its life is driven mad by others" acting :. It seems to transmit strength of the wick of her kept secret beautifully from this project over page 9 all.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Praise all over the world. Impact of "Nadesiko"

- Women's soccer World Cup semifinal Sweden 1 ?3 Japan (Frankfurt on July 14, 2011)

Media all over the world praised the pink. The kicker magazine of Germany「Women's soccer showed Japan was the very beautiful one... The ball treatment that there is no supported mistake in the technology is shown, and passing ties. It has the clear-sighted vision, and it has confidence calmly. 」With the point. The popular paper Bild puts "It super-reaches soccer like magic" and finding. 「Japan is world king's way. Now since Germany and Sweden are knocked down, all are possible. 」The victory of the pink was expected.

The [keruna-shutatto] [antsua;iga-] paper「In the latter half, Japan carried the game by the rhythm that played music. Big pleasure was brought to Japan where the earthquake occurred. 」It told it.

Fighting country Sweden where 9.4 million people watched the television is a deadlock mood. The commentator of the local television analyzes, "Movement is fast and Japan's distance of passing is short" after it ends in the first half. After it had played a game, the complete defeat was admitted , saying that "Complete qualification of Japan that went out to the final". The [da-gensu] [nyuheteru] paper also「The result named 3?1 is extremely impartial. Japan excels quickly in the technology, and is creative. 」It praised it.

Media of Brazil were reported, "The dark horse's victory". It speaks very highly of each news site , saying that "(Before the rally) The team in disregarded Asia is perfect game carrying" and "The Germany victory profit was not an accident". The commentator in the sports specialty TV station said, "The whole nation in Brazil will assist in Japan in the final".

Moreover, the TV station in France delivered a tribute , saying that "When Japan fought, the United States (In the final) might be surprised". The relay tells, "The return to the defense is brilliant" and "Team with which the intellect overflows", and points out, "It did not positively attack, and the attack of Japan that ruled the pitch connected the truth with Sweden in the latter half" the [gazetta] [dero] [suporuto] paper of Italy. News site new [**mou] of China was analyzed to have related player's desire to the earthquake victim to victory.

- It holds once every four years by the rally that decides girl's full representative's world 1 as well as the girl World Cup Olympics. The 1st rally is held as a world title by sponsoring Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) in China in 91. The name was changed from the United States rally to the World Cup for 99 years. The United States and Germany are two degrees in the victory even in the 5th, and Norway is one degree. China semi-won Asian power the championship for 99 years in the rally. The quarterfinal advancement of the rally is from the 1st to a current highest result in Japan of 6 rally continuous participation for 95 years.

Monday, June 27, 2011


- MTV VIDEO MUSIC AID JAPAN (Makuhari Messe on June 25, 2011)

"AKB48" rotated full as not only the singing performance but also a host.

Seeing (20) gets excited greatly in all ..seeing as [gaga] is close in the opening.. Takahashi , saying that "The skill as a singer and the fashion were terrible". Hat was taken off to an overwhelming sense of existence , saying that "If being possible to put was said to us ..Ooshima Yuko(22).. … it was ..unpleasant.. was not possible to do..".

It appears in the second pair following the [gaga]. 16 selection members perform the club system dance. It was touched off in world No・1 celebrity's stage or the performance with which a cool, adult atmosphere was filled was developed though it did not know.

"Beginner" Clothes is changed from the uniform style clothes to the dress when "Everyday and katyusya", "Heavy rotation", and 3 are sung at a dash and it dances and it concentrates on the coordinator. Each one ..member.. talked by the relay in case of "I wanted to support it in music aiming at the revival" in the viewer of 16 country 40 million family who centered on the sphere of Asia.

Ooshima「There is a desire transmitted only by feelings to be conveyed by singing and singing. I want to deliver it through music. 」It explains the outline about the event. Sing..this..person..singing voice..stricken in.

Takahashi : at the end of this day. 「It is necessary to listen to music because of such time. Hope necessary for Japan is blocked in music. 」It greeted and it finished serving as the important task.

【Perfume】To the English version official site opening

An English version official site of Perfume opened newly.

The information page, the biography, and the discography translated into English are prepared on the English version site. Information for an overseas fan will be sent here in the future.

Perfume from which "Polyrhythm" is appointed to song of insertion of version of all parts of the world opening to the public of cartoon movies "The Cars 2" of Disney/Pixar. It seems to be able to approach the new dream again by one step by the English version official site establishment though it talks about eagerness to attend the world premiere held in United States Los Angeles on a local June 18 in time, and to do live in foreign countries some time.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

【Mind Travel】A cappella of intimate Superfly「Ah」

Superfly was decided to release first one single entering "[Aa;]" on June 29.

"[Aa;]" is a version with lyrics that became origins of No. "Ah" of a cappella collected to new album "Mind Travel". It became portable that was sent the opinion "I wanted to listen to lyrics" from the fan knew that there was a version where music "Ah" expressed only by admiration collected topics with the inside and lyrics, too to the manufacturer, and was released in haste two weeks after the sale of the album. The single is put on the market for 555 yen.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Can the adult also enjoy "The girl manager of high school baseball reads Drucker's 'Management'"?- Atsuko Maeda's first movie single starring work

AKB48 that holds sale commemoration handshake association event of single "Everyday and katyusya" of the 21st piece on day of the other day's typhoon (the 29th), and collected fans of about 12,000 people.
It made noise for June 1 because "Katyusya" marked the first first appearance place in the Oricon chart.
Starring movie "The girl manager of high school baseball reads Drucker's 'Management'" of "Ace" Maeda Atsuko(19) of the AKB becomes opening on June 4 to the public. The ballot counting event of the 3rd general election is held on the ninth immediately after that, and July is a single sale of the 22nd piece in the dome performance and August ……. "AKB festival" continues.

What evaluations are present attention and "Dora"?…… though originals are 2.68 million business books, and topics in the first movie single starring of Maeda.

「It is a confidence [minagiru] acting of Maeta of in season now and there is ..seeing.. value though there are some problems like the production of the baseball scene etc.There is instinctively a scene where it is made to make to [ha], and the scene where 'Katyusya' flows at the ending rises. I think that the adult can also enjoy it because the original is a business book. 」(movie writer)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

【 Madonna Verde 】Ribera is a singing voice like the angel whom can be relieved as for the mind.

The inquiry pours in to theme song "Miracle of the life (life)" that Ribera of the British boy vocal unit sings by NHK drama "Madonna Verde" of the topic (10:00PM of Tuesday) with performing of Matsuzaka Keiko(58) surrogate mother birth.

The original cuts it into the surrogate mother birth problem by "Gene waltz" and "Madonna Verde" of the writer and Kaido Takesi. Midori 55-year-old that performs Matsuzaka is asked and determines, "It wants you to give birth instead of me who lost his womb" from only daughter's Rie(Kuninaka Ryouko).

The theme song becomes saving the drama of this thrilling, serious theme. It is Ribera in a transparent feeling by boys of 7~14 years old of the south London living that sounds the overflowing sweet voice. It is a singing voice of a worldwide, popular angel who has performed to the concert where it precedes U.S. President Bush's ceremony and the Mass of 16 generations in pope Benedict.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It arrives at the Justin Bieber and Kansai International Airport. The nuclear accident is not dreaded. "Moreover, it is glad for Japan to return. "

17-year-old popular singer Justin Bieber arrived at Kansai International Airport on the 16th. Visit to Japan this time when it was reported that the majority of crew refused making a passage for Japan in the fear of going to Japan where nuclear accident occurs. The visit to Japan will finally be achieved strongly will "They do not want to be of Japan that bought the ticket.. disappointed" of Justin. Justin does the first live for Tokyo in Japan on Osaka and 19 on the 17th.

A lot of fans meet it in the Kansai International Airport lobby at which Justin arrives. Appearing Justin rushes immediately in the fan, and serves the fan to denim that white T-shirt and blue Parker and the wash enter black sunglasses from the fan with [su] tile as the signature etc. saying to handed colored paper and CD, "Thank-you" rough such as sneakers and always of the gray. It was commented to gathered fans, "Moreover, it is glad for Japan to return" with a smile.

Justin the documentary movie ' Justin Bieber [neva-] Sei [neva-]''s that chases his tracks opening it to the public is putting latest album "[Neva-] Sei [neva-]" on the market now. Phrase "[Neva-] Sei [neva-]" also in each title with is cannot "It doesn't say. " when translating literally. Justin who had been appealing for live discontinuance by bad health in the movie, "It was absolutely unpleasant" accomplished the desire of splendor and showed it. Vigour is live of doing in the future delivered to Japan.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

It is U.S. animated cartoon Exposition in July of the overseas concert decision of first Hatsune Miku.

It was the 13th clarified that the first overseas concert of Hatsune Miku was executed by "Animated cartoon Exposition 2011" (1~4 day and United States time of July) held with U.S.-Los Ansels.

" Hatsune Miku" is a music software to synthesize radio actor and Fujita's voices by the

setting of doing a virtual idol in produce and to sing freely, and a name of the character. Break as a large amount of images that height of perfection of character and software that illustrator's Mr. KEI drew becomes topic, Miku is sung to site of contribution of animation of the Internet, and danced are contributed if put on the market in 07. Relation CD etc. were put on the market, game software was put on the market to the high rank of Oricon by Sega besides entering the ranking, and it became popular both.

The ticket was sold all to the concert held by the one of projecting the appearance of Hatsune Miku onto the stage with a special translucent screen, singing, and dancing in Japan in the concert on the sale same day. The first overseas concert is held as an event in "Animated cartoon Exposition 2011" in the NOKIA theater on July 2. The improvement is executed in addition for foreign countries as an English tune is put based on "Thanksgiving of miku of the day" opened in Tokyo on March 9,'10. Sega takes charge, and the krypton Future media supervise the production of the image.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Polyrhythm sends it Perfume.

It was announced that "Polyrhythm" of Perfume was appointed to this volume insertion song of the latest in Pixar work Disney/'The Cars 2' open to the public on Saturday, July 30.

'The Cars 2' is the latest work of Disney/Pixar that the staff of 'Toy Story 3' that gives the all parts of the world box-office profit of No.1 on the animation history of film presents.

Action adventure for genius racer "McQueen" and worn-out [rekka-] car "Meter" to dash out from radiator spring of [ho-muguran;udo] in the world of car, and to confront plot huge as a weapon friendship with Japan, Italy, France, and Britain in the world.

"Polyrhythm" of Perfume flows in the party hall of the night before it the world grand prix races in Japan. I hear that it is a scene where the high technology of dazzling unites with status high [i] tradition that symbolizes "Mysterious Nippon".

There was a Pixar staff of the Perfume fan the chance of "Polyrhythm" appointment. Supervisor's John [raseta-] greatly speaks very highly of pop, cute [kyokutotono] when "Polyrhythm" is appropriated by temporary by this staff's recommendation when looking for Japanese artist's music for the party scene in Japan. It formally decided it.

'The Cars 2' all Americans is opened to the public on Friday, June 24. Opening in Japan to the public is decided on Saturday, July 30.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

It sheds tears for the holding a ceremony proposal by the princess Kaoru and the Akira Nishimura Las Vegas.

It was clarified that Kaoru Sugayama(32) that converted it into beach volleyball had held a ceremony with same beach player Koichi Nishimura (37) in a volleyball former girl all-Japan in March this year on the sixth.

The expression only of two people was admitted to visit the hall of the JBV tour Tokyo rally (Odaiba kaihin-koen) on this day when Nishimura participated, and to have been enumerated in the church of the U.S. Las Vegas on March 3 this year.
The registration of marriage was not submitted in Japan, and it was spoken, "It is thought that it put it out by the end of May or June".

Sugayama is converted into the beach in 09, and belongs to the office where Nishimura serves as the president. It was good, and developed from natural association into the marriage without considering the man and woman , saying that "It was very the same" since then.
It proposed on the birthday, December 26 last year, Tokyo Tower under "Let's marry", and did OK with tears , saying that "It was glad". It is said to T-shirt that it was an everyday wear of leaves and sunglasses in the expression.

Sugayama is All Japan for 05 years of the volleyball age. The pet name of "Princess Kaoru" kept popular in the transparent fair skin. There is a good plan for the mama to aim at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics for 16 years according to Nishimura , saying that "Speak that do not want to make the child by the end of this year" though be not pregnant, too.

In Sugayama, it is absent, and the return by domestic meetings in an overseas rally in summer or autumn targets due to the pain in a left knee and lumbago now as for the tour. The recipe of the coming [npira] burdock is instructed, and the husband is supported from Nishimura's mother by the faithful aid of one's wife for a while though Nishimura is meat of the favorite dish.

Friday, May 6, 2011

【Kalafina】Appearance is decided to animated cartoon Exposition by the main guest.

Class three females vocal unit "Kalafina " that sings the tune of the ending of "Madoka * Magika of the magic girl" performs and the guest performs to "Animated cartoon Exposition 2011" that begins by U.S.-Ros Ansels on July 1(local time).

As for the disguise rally with the early screening association, the game rally, and the fan etc. , various events have been held from costume play, karaoke, and the video contest inviting the guest of a famous animated cartoon cartoon and Music Japan every year.

Talent's Nakagawa Shouko, Anna Tsuchiya, and "PUFFY" "Morning Musume" "AKB48" etc. are invited as a guest, and it has taken an active part so far. serve as live and the judge of the costume play contest

Kalafina is [anison] ability sect group that is offering the theme song by popular animated cartoon series "Empty boundary" and besides original of the sound production of composer and rudder [urayoki] widely active from the movie to TV animation and "Madoka * Magika of the

magic girl" "Black steward", etc.Tune "Magia" of the ending of "Madoka * Magika of the magic girl" put on the market in February has acquired 7th place by the ranking on a single week of Oricon dated February 28.

The event is held at Los Angeles Gong [be] [nshon] center on 1?4 day (local time) in July. Kalafina is scheduled to participate in meat & greet, an autograph session besides live, and various events such as panels, and to have the opportunity of the exchange with the fan. (Mainichi Shimbun digital)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

【 Figure skating world championship 】It is the second for four years. Miki Ando and reversal V

Queened all-Japan by having aimed at the come-from-behind victory from SP 2nd place of the head position and 0.33 point differences Miki Ando (23= Toyota Motor) made a comeback to the queen after an interval of four years every the synthesis 195.79 points. An almost perfect acting is announced though there was a mistake that three-rotation second [to-ru-pu] in continuous jump from a middle two-rotation half becomes two rotations by other elements.

Vancouver Olympics gold medallist's kim Yona (20= South Korea) continued by the jump of the first stage as three-rotation jump became one rotation the mistake, and ended in 2nd place by the SP head position in the synthesis 194.50 points.

The score doesn't expand as rotation shortage is taken by the first three-rotation half jumps, and free is 114.13 points, and the synthesis is 6th place by 172.79 points. Mao Asada (20= Chukyo University) who aimed at Japanese first girl's 2nd straight victory

Kanako Murakami of the debut (16= Aichi and height of Chukyo University Nakagyo) was 8th place in 112.24 points and the synthesis 167.10 points as it became rotation shortage in the latter half of at the beginning and continuousness three rotation jump.

Ando who had shone to the queen world talked about pleasure with a smile after it had played a game.

??Today's acting.

「It was not ..Miss.. and you may slip with a good tension big. It slipped by thinking about Japan from me (It was struck by a East Japan great earthquake). It is the current and big difference. It set it up in strong feelings in the link. 」

??Though it was an alternative holding.

「It must be small that my sadness is painful compared with the people (victim). Feelings that I (Because father was lost due to the traffic accident when it is young) lose the family, too are understood. It was skating to have blown off the feelings when it was small. I wanted to send the smile to the person who had assisted for skating that got the smile. 」

Sunday, April 24, 2011

It is one million times of the reproduction in CM"You Tube" of the all aspects of Kyushu Shinkansen opening to traffic and the phantom.

It hardly got into the news because Kyushu Shinkansen was the next day of a East Japan great earthquake (March 12, 2011) though opened all aspects. It is popular though CM for the television also has put aside indefinitely on the Internet.

JR Kyushu was making efforts to this CM fairly. The theme does the wave by "Kyushu is one" by the people in the place along railway-tracks various places and takes a picture of it from the vehicle of Shinkansen. A special vehicle was arranged by using seven colors of the rainbow to show Kyushu 7 prefecture, and it asked the place along railway-tracks resident from a central station in Kagoshima to Hakata for participation on the homepage. Taking a picture is done and it is said that they gathered 10,000 ..beating.. people or more on the 20th 2 months.
10,000 person appearance that gathers in place along railway-tracks of 257 kilos

Version for the uncensored 180 seconds. A special train slowly leaves a central station in Kagoshima, and the spectacle projected from the car window that runs at reduced speed is a veranda, a roof of a building, a pedestrian bridge, might be a Kuma river in the apartment house or the flag that a colorful desire desire has in the hand suitable is shaken from the shallop and the wave of the person who shakes his both hands continue with the length. There is a grandma who runs carrying the couple and the grandchild of newly-married couple Hoya Hoya that puts on the wedding dress on one's back, too and pleasure is transmitted as it is. Thus, happy travel of 257km in the total length ended from a central station of 3 minutes in Kagoshima to Hakata Station.

Broadcasting is discontinued on the third due to the great earthquake.

However, it is at only three days that this CM was broadcast until the 11th from March 9 to the earthquake day. Then, the large echo occurred when JR Kyushu threw this CM on the homepage. There were about 800,000 accesses, and writing from the stricken area come one after another to "You Tube", too.

「It is a Fukushima inhabitants of the prefecture. We become more energetic than now, too and I want to wave to iris Shinkansen greatly. 」

「It is convinced that the future when people overflow energetically joyfully like this comes to the stricken area. Keep energetic, and ..people in energetic Kyushu.. thank you. 」

Parties concerned of JR Kyushu that produces also say, "This project is desire of not wrong, and fullness of the heart".

Terry caster Ito is deeply moved in the studio. 「I wanted to see more. It only has to do with DVD as there is a version for 50 minutes, too. 」It speaks.

It is said that the comment "I want to see the version between new Aomori from a central station in Kagoshima" was drawn to "You Tube". Is it in Sendai that Shinkansen that has been cut in pieces in the stricken area is still connected by one?The 30th this month (April, 2011) when the driving restart between Ichinoseki is scheduled.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

【Shina Ringo】Seven changes with the music video.

A group of 5 who led Shiina Ringo music video (MV) of new song "/that the sky rang girl was everyone" of the band and Tokyo Jihen (sale on May 11) was open to the public.

The..inside..bewildering..clothes..change..appear.A magnificent dance is performed.

"The girl is everyone" is one spelt in charming lyrics that overflow in love and love to the woman that becomes CM song of '[Makia-ju]' (Shiseido) in which Mr. Shiina performed to CM of cosmetics for the first time.

MV to which Mr. Kodama Yuichi who handled CM serves as the supervisor lovelily expresses the outlook on the world.
However, the appearance sung while changing round and round in Mr. Shiina is like the musical film.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

【Kalafina】It talks about eagerness immediately before beginning of the tour final.

A vocal unit and Kalafina popular around the anime song field such as theme songs of the movie 'Sky boundary' did the rehearsal of opening to the public just before the tour final held in NHK Hall in Shibuya, and the message was sent aiming at the fan on the 15th.

Rehearsal of opening to the public that will refrain from starting in about two hours, and is done in mood strained as long line of fan to look forward to live can be done besides hall. ..two.. of play inside song "Shining empty silence" of ending tune "Magia" and "Black steward II" of popular TV animation "Round * [magika] of the magic girl" sing enthusiastically of three person Kalafina on the stage.

They are three people after it rehearses corresponding to the enclosure coverage and for a lot of fans that come to the tour though it is uneasy time at the same time after the earthquake. touch the assumption of this tour in the stricken area of a East Japan great earthquake ..the contribution of earnings.. a live charity, and send of each the yell to the victim, Wakana described "Even if it was done to do in that, I wanted to be switched feelings thanks to a live tour and the guest who was waiting for it though we were uneasy and hurried, too" and the gratitude.

Moreover, Keiko is a heroic pose talking as the tension to the NHK Hall appearance of the yearning , saying that "It is not thought that want to deliver the music of Magia even if the hall is even large or it is small" as for feelings immediately before the performance. After it is thought, "Live ends when this article is recorded", Hikaru from which the comment was requested at the end :. 「It worked hard this time. I would like you to visit it by all means (To live) because it will work hard next time. 」The message was sent to the fan in the past form, and concentrated reporters were made to laugh.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

【Salyu】The first bounce release party of a new project is carried live.

Salyu announced the release commemoration event of new album 's(o)un(d)beams' put on the market as new project “salyu×salyu" this week and it was announced to carry holding and the pattern live with Ustream in Shibuya WWW on April 15.

It is done by a live form, the stage on both names of Keigo Oyamada of Cornelius who is a joint producer and the Nanao traveler who took charge of a part of writing music in the work now is set up, and release party 'salyu×salyu"s(o)un(d)beams"special event' is carried live for about two hours in live streaming channel 【DOMMUNE】 using Ustream. a theme..two or front..develop.

Moreover, Vo.&Gt of the former [yurayura] empire besides Oyamada takes charge of all compositions other than the cover tune . It is topic Shintaro Sakamoto, it exists, and it disappears and an every one variegated go worked on writing songs.

【team amuse】This is a whole content of the special charity song.

A lot of artists of the amuse belonging that centered on Kuwata keisuke for the victim support and the stricken area revival due to a East Japan great earthquake were done and music and the video shooting were done to the recording of music "Let's try again" that concentration (37 whole numbers/ 54 people) charity was going to be delivered as "Teamed amuse".

Music video..chorus say nothing of..all..become complete..arrange to be..staff..cut..natural..applause..spring..go up.

In addition, taking a picture of special coraboration such as scenes …… to dance the (?) choreography that four people (the scene to which Hara yuko and Perfume sing "I am a piano" together, Sunplaza Nakano, the scene of Miura Haruma, Sato Ken, and Naka riisa that sings "Runner" together, and Miyake Yuji, Ogura Hisahiro, Kisitani Goro, and Terawaki Yasufumi) have them think of AKB48 also :.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Decision having take off with pay or watching bus tour project of "Round *magika of the magic girl" broadcasting day also

The day of broadcasting popular animated cartoon "Round * Magika of the magic girl" in which broadcasting had stopped due to a East Japan great earthquake was decided.

There is broadcasting by three continuous stories it from three o'clock of midnight, too this day doesn't become work, it wants to take off work, and a note has gone out to "twitter" and the bulletin board. Moreover, it goes out to the person who plans the tour that uses the reserving bus even if going to the place that can promptly be watched because broadcasting the central part district such as Nagoya is delayed three days behind Kanto and Kansai.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What is the influence of [haruhi] that changes the plains mausoleum me suddenly?

Hirano Aya to which it served as the voice of the heroine and Suzumiya Haruhi by animated cartoon "Suzumiya Haruhi" series continuously broadcast for four nights in WOWOW at Golden Week talked about the dream as the school days and the radio actor of sober on the 11th. It showed, and it looked seeming the radio actor of Suzumiya Haruhi it , saying that "When it was possible to do, I want to do any axis as the radio actor though it was" when it was greedy recently though it was plains where work other than the radio actor increased, too.

Hirano : though it is Suzumiya Haruhi known as own a well‐fitting role. 「The first impression was confusedly bad. This pup [hatte] what」Easily.

Still, the policy of acting "Girl liked by the girl" seemed to be decided while thinking how to perform Haruhi where it drove recklessly at time as the desire went and to have gripped the position by a casual chance , saying that "The image of Haruhi today finally boiled when the picture of the animated cartoon went up, and the expression of Haruhi was seen". Plains gradually overlapped the character with oneself , saying that "Was it existence that was near itself unexpectedly or thought because it became it though a changeable girl saw Haruhi" while performing it. 「It thinks of such Hharuhi] only in the place where Haruhi obediently says the wish because it becomes it. will have also by usIt is a point of sympathy. 」I was going to analyze after it broadcast first of 2006 and a popular reason of this continuing series.

Uemura aiko of mogul : to the game return sotie Olympic Winter Games.

Continuing the active service as Uemura Aiko(31) that participates in the Olympic Winter Games by four continuous rallies in the authority of the Freestyle Skiing women's moguls it stares at the sotie Olympic Winter Games in 2014, and returning to the game at 11?12 season of year have understood the 12th from coverage to two or more parties concerned.

Uemura of Nagano Prefecture Hakuba high coming from shone to two crowns (mogul and dual mogul) for the victory and 09 years according to the item in world championship Inawasiro rally in 07?08 year World Cup (World Cup).

It married alpine skiing boy's Minagawa Kentaro in June, '09.

The rest declaration was done, and 10?11 season of year was away from the player activity.

【 JIN-仁-】It broadcasts first time by two hour 80 countries in the expansion version and foreign countries.

TBS system serial drama "JIN -仁-" of the start (9.0 after Sunday) decided on the 17th and broadcasting in 80 countries in foreign countries such as Europe and America and each country of Asia and regions was decided.

Foreign countries and the broadcasting contract's having been concluded before it broadcasts in Japan is the first in the history of the drama of TBS.
The evaluation was high in the international television program trade fair of French Cannes and worldwide eminence improves in the first bounce of broadcasting in the autumn of 09 years. The expectation for JIN has risen inside and outside the country.

The expansion version first time of broadcasting on the 17th for two hours. It performs as it starts, and Ayase Haruka(26) from the former work, Nakatani Miki(35), and Uchino Youkow(42) of the Sakamoto Ryouma post continue because the JIN teacher slips at time at the end of shogunate and two years passed. Besides, Fujimoto Takahiro(40) of the Saigo Takamori post and Ichimura Masachika(62) of the Sakuma Shouzan post join newly.

When it is seen by the country of everybody, it is good.

Studio Ghibli 'The ear is clarified' becomes a high-resolution an eternal coming-of-age film and appears in a blue lei.

A blue lei of the movie 'The ear is clarified' in which studio Ghibli made the original of Hiragi Aoi animation is put on the market on July 20. Miyazaki Hayao takes charge of the scenario and the storyboard to this work. The privilege is newly added, and making of a blue lei of fan expectation that became high-resolution or more.

A blue lei of the third work is made 'The ear is clarified' in the studio Ghibli work to which the blue lei making of the old work such as 'Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind' and 'Laputa: Castle in the Sky' continues excluding the Miyazaki supervisor work following the Takahata Isao supervisor 'Mr. Yamada of [ho-hokekyo] and' and the Yonebayashi supervisor '[Ariettei;] of borrowing [gurashi]'. The Kondo supervisor of this work is a person who has become the center of the studio Ghibli work since the movie 'Grave of the Fireflies', and this work is the first supervisor. It is 47-year-old youth and a supervisor work the ..dead Kondo.. only is this Composition as the masterpiece of the coming-of-age film in 1998 regrettably handed down now when the end of the work of movie 'Princess Monoke'.

It appears with Totomi Hidekatsu. AKIRA of EXILE.  The second servitude of Gou

The woman that Mr. (29) AKIRA of dance vocal group "EXILE" that accomplished the Taiga Drama debut by the husband and the Toyotomi Hidekatsu post held the interview on the 11th, and the nature like Gou is strong said by actress's Mr. (24) Ueno juri and ..the second Gou.. ..being asked.. said to NHK Taiga Drama "Princesses' Gou' civil warss" who starred when liking it,

"Loved", answered promptly, and "(With Gou) It was a married couple that the smile doesn't discontinue and it was painful".

"Gou" is a drama that delicately lives through the Warring States Period ofdramatic variations are abundant by the third daughter and Gou of "Asai3 sisters" that was the born between Omi's younger sister, Ichi of Oda Nobunaga, and civil wars general and Asai Nagamasa, and draws externals in which it makes sure of beginning of event of Edo period. Gou has three husbands in the life, performs the Ono lord and the Saji Kazunari post of Owari in the first husband of Gou, and Mr. (29) Mukai Satoshi who performed giant dogwood [shigeru] by "Wife of [gegege]" performs the following two Brigadier General army and Tokugawa Hidetada by Mr. (36) Hira Takehiro and the 3rd husband.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Miss Monday "Travel that looks for making it to 47 administrative divisions music" is started.

Female rapper and Miss Monday.
The start of "Travel" is live in charity event "What a wonderful world" that gathers 50,000 spectators in 4/10 in Okinawa.

It co-starred with MONGOL800, HY, BEGIN, the sambo master, Kasiyuri58, and SaimiSucks. The campaign finance etc. to the stricken area were done free entrance of this event it.

Her Music philosophy is said that it swung from the basis in case of "May I be singing the song? ..touch.." to East Japan large [furuu] and the report though "Travel to which 47 administrative divisions Music is delivered by the hand ..Miss Monday.." at first was prepared. It thought by consulting with management and the recording label, and making release and the live activity scheduled at first a white paper once and the answer that worrying Miss Monday had gotten was "Travel that looked for making it to 47 administrative divisions music. "

「It was not a to tell the truth clear answer. However, I think that I do everything I can do. I want to try to watch my 'Music'. I want you to do so though it might be the self-satisfactory. 」
The specially-installed site where the place of stay of present Miss Monday was able to be confirmed opened. How does her music sound in Japan in which it suffers from an unprecedented natural disaster?Let's pay attention to the trend in the future.

The miwa 1st album "Guitarissimo" is the first in the solo singer of the head position acquisition Heisei era birth.

1st album "guitarissimo" (sale on the sixth and Sony record) of singer-songwriter and Mr. (20) miwa sold 40,000 pieces on the week first of the sale, and the first appearance head position was acquired according to the album ranking of the Oricon week that had been announced on the 12th (dated the 18th). As for the head position acquisition of 1st album, by the solo singer of the Heisei era birth, it is first-ever.

Mr. miwa debuts by "Don't cry anymore" in March, '10. It was appointed to the theme song of drama "Day decided no cry" of broadcasting [sareta] [sakaekura] [****] starring (Fuji Television Network-affiliated) in ten and it became a topic. "[Otoshimono]" etc. that became the inserted songs of drama "Veterinarian Doolittle" of [ogurishun] besides this tune starring (TBS system) are collected to the album.

Mr. miwa「It is very glad to be able to assist a lot because it is an album made hard though it is surprised not to have imagined it. I want to make the song by which the person who will listen in the future can become energetic even a little. 」It comments.

The first "Yoru hit" image to DVD in the pink lady song program

Popular duo "Pink lady" formed again in 0 September, year puts four piece union DVD "Hit studio of pink lady IN night" (Pony/Canyon and 14,910 yen) that collects the appearance image of "Hit studio of the night" of Fuji Television Network on the market on May 27. Making pink lady's song program appearance image DVD is the first time.

"Hit studio of the night" is a long life music program broadcast for 22 years from 1968. The pink lady performed first on December 20, 1976 and announced debut tune "Pepper police inspector".

All appearance image until the day is collected, and the music such as "S・O・S" "Wanted" "UFO" "Southpaw" revives to DVD in front of the dissolution concert. Moreover, the appearance images such as "Report only on star [do] (secret)", "1000 night in the star", and "FNS songs festival" are collected, and it is brought together at 4 hours and 20 minutes.

The pink lady debuts for 76 years by a pair of Mr. [mi-] and Kei. A lot of hits were sent off to the world, and total sales results of the single were about 18 million pieces, and the single that achieved the million seller reached ten.

It forms four times again at the limited time of 05 years, it acts, and it forms again by "Dissolution stopping" declaration in ten this time though it dissolved in 1981. (Mainichi Shimbun digital)

Monday, April 11, 2011

It returns by kabuki actor's Ichikawa Ebizou "Big kabuki in July".

The assault is received from the trouble of the feast, it severely injures, Ichikawa Ebizou(33) of the kabuki actor who was penitent at the indefinite period understood last November, and the stage's returning by "Large kabuki in July" presented in Shinbashi Enbujou (Tokyo and Higashi-Ginza) in July has understood the tenth.

Shochiku Co., Ltd. announced.

Ebizou reflects deeply after the jail sentence of Tokyo District Court in March, the defendant who had assaulted it decided the return once because it withdrew though he or she appealed.

The executive of this company「I do not want to nip the bud of the actor who has the talent. It kept the door open to him. 」It described. Father and Danjurou become proprietor and leader of a troupes as for the performance in July. Ebizo controlled Kyoto and the Minami-za performance at the end of the year voluntarily and performance in Tokyo controlled the public entertainments activity voluntarily as the cancellation etc. in [oroita] and proprietor and leader of a troupe's January.

Moreover, movie "Life" of the Ebizou starring will be open to the public in October.