Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kami Waza grand-prix The creation work just using "superhuman feat" paper

The winning-a-prize work exhibition of the "Kami Waza grand-prix" which competes for the result

of the creation work using paper is opened in the Jujiya hall in the Ginza, Tokyo.
Up to the 17th.

It was planned to send the charm and possibility of paper to a paperless time, and about 60 points are exhibited and a piano, a bag, etc. which were built with paper are delighting the visitor.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

[Nadeshiko Japan] The participation in the London Olympic Games is determined. China is beaten by Australia.

As for a soccer woman's London Olympic Games Asian final qualifiers playoff, the participation in the Olympic Games of an eight-day line crack and the 4th 3 convention continuation of the representative of Japan "Nadeshiko Japan" was decided.

This is the first time that the participation in the London Olympic Games was decided by the organization ball game.
The lost time in the face of a victory catches up for 38 minutes North Korea, waging war, and the second half on that day, opening the scoring by an own goal, it is 1?1, and Japan is a draw beam. However, since China was beaten by Australia after this 0?1, more than the 2nd place of the Japan's primary was decided, without waiting for the final day on the 11th.