Sunday, April 29, 2012

[Kou Shibasaki] It becomes a queen of ice cream. The Kiyokawa Asami work exhibition

It is a first appearance to of Mr. Kiyokawa Asami's of an art director's work known for the work "Bijo Saishu" (Kodansha) in which an actress, Ms. Kou Shibasaki, transforms a seasonal actress into animals and plants.

It is exhibited in Tokyo and Omotesando Hills in the exhibition event "beauty taste collection Haagen-Dazs x ASAMI KIYOKAWA" in session.
The object of a dress with an about 3 meter [ in diameter ] x height of about 4 meters which used as the motif the work in which Ms. Shibasaki played the role of the queen "ICE QUEEN" of the country of ice cream also appears on the large stairs of a well.
Holding of an event is till May 6.
The event is the work exhibition in which Häagen-Dazs collaborated to Mr. Kiyokawa.
The queen "ICE QUEEN" of the country of the ice cream which imagined modern version Marie Antoinette who has appeared in CM of the goods, and who Shibasaki played, A setup of having taken off the dress of big ice cream and having gone to somewhere although it came to Omotesando Hills with fairies.
The work which likened the object of a dress and six flavors with the fairy is exhibited at the beginning of a work when Ms. Shibasaki played the role of the queen of the country of ice cream.
its figure is photoed during a period at the hall, and original -- the photography experience event which has the picture which disguised itself as "ICE QUEEN" by the application created -- holding.
If it participates, the new product Haagen-Dazs  ice cream   crepe glacer   tiramisu" of sale can be tried for 23 days.
The goods are the ice cream which aligned coffee sauce and cocoa sponge with mascarpone ice cream, and was wrapped in crepe cloth.