Monday, June 27, 2011


- MTV VIDEO MUSIC AID JAPAN (Makuhari Messe on June 25, 2011)

"AKB48" rotated full as not only the singing performance but also a host.

Seeing (20) gets excited greatly in all ..seeing as [gaga] is close in the opening.. Takahashi , saying that "The skill as a singer and the fashion were terrible". Hat was taken off to an overwhelming sense of existence , saying that "If being possible to put was said to us ..Ooshima Yuko(22).. … it was ..unpleasant.. was not possible to do..".

It appears in the second pair following the [gaga]. 16 selection members perform the club system dance. It was touched off in world No・1 celebrity's stage or the performance with which a cool, adult atmosphere was filled was developed though it did not know.

"Beginner" Clothes is changed from the uniform style clothes to the dress when "Everyday and katyusya", "Heavy rotation", and 3 are sung at a dash and it dances and it concentrates on the coordinator. Each one ..member.. talked by the relay in case of "I wanted to support it in music aiming at the revival" in the viewer of 16 country 40 million family who centered on the sphere of Asia.

Ooshima「There is a desire transmitted only by feelings to be conveyed by singing and singing. I want to deliver it through music. 」It explains the outline about the event. Sing..this..person..singing voice..stricken in.

Takahashi : at the end of this day. 「It is necessary to listen to music because of such time. Hope necessary for Japan is blocked in music. 」It greeted and it finished serving as the important task.

【Perfume】To the English version official site opening

An English version official site of Perfume opened newly.

The information page, the biography, and the discography translated into English are prepared on the English version site. Information for an overseas fan will be sent here in the future.

Perfume from which "Polyrhythm" is appointed to song of insertion of version of all parts of the world opening to the public of cartoon movies "The Cars 2" of Disney/Pixar. It seems to be able to approach the new dream again by one step by the English version official site establishment though it talks about eagerness to attend the world premiere held in United States Los Angeles on a local June 18 in time, and to do live in foreign countries some time.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

【Mind Travel】A cappella of intimate Superfly「Ah」

Superfly was decided to release first one single entering "[Aa;]" on June 29.

"[Aa;]" is a version with lyrics that became origins of No. "Ah" of a cappella collected to new album "Mind Travel". It became portable that was sent the opinion "I wanted to listen to lyrics" from the fan knew that there was a version where music "Ah" expressed only by admiration collected topics with the inside and lyrics, too to the manufacturer, and was released in haste two weeks after the sale of the album. The single is put on the market for 555 yen.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Can the adult also enjoy "The girl manager of high school baseball reads Drucker's 'Management'"?- Atsuko Maeda's first movie single starring work

AKB48 that holds sale commemoration handshake association event of single "Everyday and katyusya" of the 21st piece on day of the other day's typhoon (the 29th), and collected fans of about 12,000 people.
It made noise for June 1 because "Katyusya" marked the first first appearance place in the Oricon chart.
Starring movie "The girl manager of high school baseball reads Drucker's 'Management'" of "Ace" Maeda Atsuko(19) of the AKB becomes opening on June 4 to the public. The ballot counting event of the 3rd general election is held on the ninth immediately after that, and July is a single sale of the 22nd piece in the dome performance and August ……. "AKB festival" continues.

What evaluations are present attention and "Dora"?…… though originals are 2.68 million business books, and topics in the first movie single starring of Maeda.

「It is a confidence [minagiru] acting of Maeta of in season now and there is ..seeing.. value though there are some problems like the production of the baseball scene etc.There is instinctively a scene where it is made to make to [ha], and the scene where 'Katyusya' flows at the ending rises. I think that the adult can also enjoy it because the original is a business book. 」(movie writer)