Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the alcohol of "Fukushima -- buying it -- ! -- " -- Ms. Cyndi Lauper told the foreign journalist

The U.S. singer, Ms. Cyndi Lauper (58) who performed Japanese tour according to one year from the East Japan great earthquake.
The interval of the public performance was applied and it flew about also to reconstruction assistance following last year, encouraging the elementary school of a stricken area.
In it, we send to you the detailed report of the contents of an interview for the foreign journalists on March 12 who appealed by saying, "I want you to buy positively what was produced in the stricken area, and to support it."
About 130 journalists of every country in the world thronged Foreign Correspondent's Club of Japan of Yurakucho, Tokyo.
Mr. Lauper who arrived at the hall takes a seat, receiving a visitor's big applause.
Mr. Yugawa Reiko of the music critic who coordinated the visit of Mr. Lauper to the large highway elementary school in Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi on the 5th also sat next.
It is "tongue" good condition, without tiredness also showing this day, although it is Mr. Lauper who was performing the Tokyo public performance over three days till the previous day.
first -- "-- although such places are the first -- how are you -- starting with smile as ?" -- "-- coming to this country from 1983.
When "true collours" was sung (a spectator), I was glad to have sung together in Japan.
There needs to be an accent peculiar to Japanese people.
I also softened the hall, such as turning round with although there being an English accent --", and inviting laughter.
The free live broadcast of the Tokyo public performance on the 11th the previous day was carried out in the movie theater of disaster 3 prefectures in Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima.
Although it was Mr. Lauper who had announced powerful performance as it being getting down to a seat and singing [ step on a splendid step, or ] in this concert, a steep expression was also shown when telling about a stricken area at an interview.

"A friend is in Fukushima.
It is that it is very difficult although "He does his best" is said to everybody.
The big tragedy set and many people lost work.
It is also difficult even if it is said that what is necessary is just to move a place.
I think it serious that slips out of Fukushima or Sendai.
Since the very serious thing happened, I would like to emphasize "without he to forget" and to say."
Mr. Lauper visited Japan on March 11, last year when the earthquake disaster occurred, and he ventured the Japanese public performance, saying "I would like to give power by music just because it is such at the time."
The reason for having made the selection "it is since I hoped that he could forget a hard thing at that time to have remained in Japan and to have performed the live (time of the live).
Music becomes healing.
I am a rock'n roller.
It was explained that I thought that Locke can save the world."
Although it was the interview told with a hard expression in many cases, when the episode interchanged with the children of the stricken area was touched, the smile was also shown as "Children having been innocent and having been lovely."
"Their life continues.
Although it is in a state severer than a front, life continues.
Therefore, it is without he forgets.
If some shopping is done, buy it from a stricken area.
The store is also kept, please carry out activity of the economy by consuming, and help revival."
It drops in at a musical instrument store, and it is said that pianica was purchased in Mr. [ Lauper / itself ] and Ishinomaki.
Moreover, it looked back upon having received the interview from talent, Mr. Gucci Yuzo, and got the delicious alcohol from "Fukushima.
It told that it checked firmly whether the government (Japan) is actually in what kind of state, and should just tell clearly what may be bought although it was the alcohol made before the earthquake happened."

A good friend to the extent that "the toasted blowfish fins in hot sake of the globefish were drunk in the small Japanese-style food store" after the live on the 11th in Mr. Yukawa.
Mr. Yukawa strove for support of saying, "He is Mr. Gucci Yuzo" in the scene where an interview also explains supplementarily about activity in Mr. Lauper's visiting place and Ishinomaki, and Mr. Lauper talks about it, "Gucci."
Mr. Lauper revealed "The heart became breaking when it gave, while the friend who has lost his job in Fukushima said, "It is OK since it is not polluted (these sweets)"" in the end.
"Fukushima is isolated now.
Also for economic activation, you have to solve and reorganize a problem.
For that purpose, education is required.
You have to make the right judgment on the basis of the right information.
(It is right) Information is power."
An interview is about 50 minutes.
The salute which asks for a question did not stop, either and time passed in the twinkling of an eye.
before leaving being wrapped in big applause -- playfulness -- full -- the alcohol of "Fukushima -- buying it -- ! -- " .
It rounded off with the yell in character with Ms. Cyndi Lauper.