Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ando Miki 23 years old is an expression that cannot be thought to be precocious. It is a real challenge and a new front in the mode magazine.

Figure skater's Ando Miki is announcing the appearance to be precocious of it is not possible to think with about 23 years old in mode magazine "Numero TOKYO" under the sale now. Ando Miki that challenged the mode magazine in full scale wrapped in the first class brand of the world, and pushed the frontiers.

Ando Miki that has career to which four-rotation jump is made to succeed for the first time ever as figure skating girl player, and shines to queen again by world title this spring. It is acknowledged, and enchants a lot of fans to ability and the power of expression of the top world. The activity of such Ando Miki shows the talent by many fields as it doesn't stay only in figure skating, and the guest appearance is accomplished by the charity activity and the movie 'COACH coach 40-year-old figure skater'. And, it challenges mode magazine "Numero TOKYO" in full scale this time, and an appearance the re-different from usually is announced.

Ando Miki that wraps develops the new front to the first class Valentino (Valentino) and Marc Jacobs (mark Jacobs) brands of the world including by being ..mode like the adult.. [yosoo] in [shi]. Dressing five patterns that overflows in a different respectively charm like the dress appearance with black dress and one shoulder to which the beauty of the race is remarkable etc. is announced. Moreover, the interview that approaches Ando Miki of the life-size is published, and a real intention not knowable only by seeing Ando Miki's such as "When skating is taken off, I want to send the life as the girl" and "I want never to send the life that its life is driven mad by others" acting :. It seems to transmit strength of the wick of her kept secret beautifully from this project over page 9 all.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Praise all over the world. Impact of "Nadesiko"

- Women's soccer World Cup semifinal Sweden 1 ?3 Japan (Frankfurt on July 14, 2011)

Media all over the world praised the pink. The kicker magazine of Germany「Women's soccer showed Japan was the very beautiful one... The ball treatment that there is no supported mistake in the technology is shown, and passing ties. It has the clear-sighted vision, and it has confidence calmly. 」With the point. The popular paper Bild puts "It super-reaches soccer like magic" and finding. 「Japan is world king's way. Now since Germany and Sweden are knocked down, all are possible. 」The victory of the pink was expected.

The [keruna-shutatto] [antsua;iga-] paper「In the latter half, Japan carried the game by the rhythm that played music. Big pleasure was brought to Japan where the earthquake occurred. 」It told it.

Fighting country Sweden where 9.4 million people watched the television is a deadlock mood. The commentator of the local television analyzes, "Movement is fast and Japan's distance of passing is short" after it ends in the first half. After it had played a game, the complete defeat was admitted , saying that "Complete qualification of Japan that went out to the final". The [da-gensu] [nyuheteru] paper also「The result named 3?1 is extremely impartial. Japan excels quickly in the technology, and is creative. 」It praised it.

Media of Brazil were reported, "The dark horse's victory". It speaks very highly of each news site , saying that "(Before the rally) The team in disregarded Asia is perfect game carrying" and "The Germany victory profit was not an accident". The commentator in the sports specialty TV station said, "The whole nation in Brazil will assist in Japan in the final".

Moreover, the TV station in France delivered a tribute , saying that "When Japan fought, the United States (In the final) might be surprised". The relay tells, "The return to the defense is brilliant" and "Team with which the intellect overflows", and points out, "It did not positively attack, and the attack of Japan that ruled the pitch connected the truth with Sweden in the latter half" the [gazetta] [dero] [suporuto] paper of Italy. News site new [**mou] of China was analyzed to have related player's desire to the earthquake victim to victory.

- It holds once every four years by the rally that decides girl's full representative's world 1 as well as the girl World Cup Olympics. The 1st rally is held as a world title by sponsoring Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) in China in 91. The name was changed from the United States rally to the World Cup for 99 years. The United States and Germany are two degrees in the victory even in the 5th, and Norway is one degree. China semi-won Asian power the championship for 99 years in the rally. The quarterfinal advancement of the rally is from the 1st to a current highest result in Japan of 6 rally continuous participation for 95 years.