Saturday, August 25, 2012

【AKB48 in TOKYO DOME】48,000 people are excited by premiere showing. It is a new system announcement to the first day!

The TOKYO DOME public performance with "AKB48" "AKB48 in TOKYO DOME 1830m dream " was opened on the 24th. [ first ]
Singing ardently and about 48,000 spectators shook the penlight, and the member aided the popular music "I wanted to meet" etc.
A public performance is till the 26th.

It is said that the TOKYO DOME public performance was a target from a group formation time.
Ms. Minami Takahashi (21) appealed to the seat by saying, "Although six years, eight months, and 17 days were taken, it came so far, thanks to you", and he was moved to tears.
Ms. Atsuko Maeda (21) who graduates from a group by public performance in Akihabara, Tokyo performed on the 27th turned round saying, "AKB was a good place."
Formation of a cabinet used as this reorganization large a day used as the first day was announced, and the team 4 being lost and returning to the 3-team system of the team A, the team K, and the team B was announced, and also it became clear [ a member's overseas transfer ] in part.

By this announcement, Minami Takahashi was appointed as the group general superintendent, and Mariko Shinoda became a captain of the team A instead.
Furthermore, instead of the Akimoto Sayaka, the Umeda Ayaka of the team K was appointed for Yuko Oshima as the captain of the team B instead of Yuki Kashiwagi.
the Miyazawa Sae of the 11th place of a selection general election -- Mari Suzuki -- sister team SNH48 which both works centering on China and Shanghai.

Furthermore, the transfer to JKT48 which works centering on Indonesia Jakarta determines Aki Takagi and the Nakagawa Haruka.
It became formation of a cabinet of ups and downs that Aika Tada also joins HKT48 etc.
Moreover, research students, such as Kaoru Mitsumune and Muto Tom dream, were also promoted.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

【The representative of South Korea for soccer 】The "Takeshima" problem is the tip of the iceberg. Impolite continuation

It is the problem over which the player of the representative of South Korea who won Japan hung up the message board written "Dokdo is our territory" about Takeshima (the South Korea name and Dokdo) after the London Olympic Games soccer men's third-place play-off, International Olympic Committee (IOC) Chairman Rogge showed the idea which opts the disposal determination of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) for the treatment of waiting and a bronze medal.

South Korean reporters who do not stand up to a friendly match at an assassin's banner and Kimigayo

With what of FIFA does the South Korean player's act conflict?
It has described "A player and an officer must show politics, religion, commercials, and an individual message and slogan in neither a stadium nor a training place" at the regulation (regulation) which FIFA provided in the soccer game of the London Olympic Games.

The act itself over which the South Korean player hung up the message board regardless of whether it had expectation by the severe regulation to which it is prohibited also from writing a message in a bag, a PET bottle, a medical supply, etc. which the player has is breaking.
Moreover, there is also wording which forbids hanging up the message and the political slogan as which a spectator insults a partner, or speaking in a punishment code (rule) of FIFA.

That is, the act of the South Korean supporter will be regarded as questionable from the time before a message board is handed to the South Korean player.

In the Japan-South Korea game of soccer, receiving various provocation from the South Korea side has been continued until now.

In the friendly match in October, 2010, the huge banner of An Chung-gun known for having assassinated Hirobumi Ito and Lee Sun-sin who turned down Hideyoshi Toyotomi's Korean campaigns was hung up over the stand.

In the national anthem performance before a game, the figure of the South Korean media which do not stand up to Kimigayo is also conspicuous.
Although Japan Football Association is going to complete the situation only by telling regret in consideration of a relation with the South Korean association, I feel that it is insufficient.

If recurrence prevention is not urged in a strong attitude, it is only whether it feels unpleasant by the following Japan-South Korea game.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

[MTV VMAJ 2012] Perfume 2 crown acquisition! Furthermore, new single sale determination!

Good Perfume wins a "best dance video prize" and a "best arrangement-of-a-dance prize" by <MTV VMAJ 2012> which runs the whole distance and by which the single "Spring Of Life" was held on Sat., June 23 in the national arena tour which will include a Nippon Budokan Hall 4DAYS addition public performance in May!
Furthermore, the design of sale of the new single "Spending all my time" also clarified the label logo of "Perfume Records" on August 15 at determination and the time of said.

The international award ceremony of a music video which greets the 11th time by the end of this year<MTV VMAJ 2012>.
Perfume in which the appearance of opening and the dance performance of the intermission also achieved the announcement and the award taking charge of MC on the day "I am really glad that it can be awarded!

It is not believed! A joy [ " ]ful of comment
And the new single "Spending all my time" used as the 15th sheet, The title music of being powerful summer Anthem is begun, and two music, the "point" already broadcast as a commercial song and "Hurly Burly", is stored in coupling.
in addition, the design of a label logo -- "-- it has a look and can imagine us -- as -- " -- put the meaning and the member itself completed the basis of talks, and the design.
"pfm" of the alphabet -- each character -- my Ahh from the left, and the design that lent and imagined the hairstyle of Yuka and Nocchi!

Friday, May 25, 2012

AKB48 a very large and popular girl group

What is "AKB48"?
The most popular girl group of the 00s was probably Morning Musume, quite a large group with as many as 16 members at one time. But now in the 2010s, it seems that the most popular girl group is a much larger group called AKB48.

As the name suggests, AKB48 basically consists of 48 girls, with occasional slight increases or decreases in the number. AKB48 was launched by the producer and famous songwriter Yasushi Akimoto in 2005.

AKB48's concept AKB stands for AKiBa, or Akihabara the town in Tokyo now known as the home of the "otaku" or geek. The concept of the group is "Idols you can actually go and see," and they even have their own live performance venue in Akihabara.

*AKB48 live performance venue: AKB48劇場(AKB forty eight gekijou) One of their unique features is that they're divided into several groups and take turns to give concerts at the venue almost every day. So, the concept is true you can actually go see them. AKB48's live performance Another unique thing about AKB48 is that they face annual elections by fans since 2009. Because they have so many members, only the top 21 members selected in the election get to appear actively in the media. Of course, the very top members get to play a central part of the group.

There's a very strict rule that forbids them from having a boyfriend if they break that rule and it becomes apparent, they'll be kicked out of the group immediately.

At first, AKB48 seemed somewhat like a girl group for otaku only, but they've become more and more widely accepted in the last couple of years. This year, they've appeared in all kinds of media including TV shows, dramas, commercials, radio, photo collections, and so on. However, most people only know the faces and names of the top three members or so, unless they're very big fans of AKB48. The members probably have to work hard since they are always competing with the other members to be, or to stay, at the very top of the group.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

[Kou Shibasaki] It becomes a queen of ice cream. The Kiyokawa Asami work exhibition

It is a first appearance to of Mr. Kiyokawa Asami's of an art director's work known for the work "Bijo Saishu" (Kodansha) in which an actress, Ms. Kou Shibasaki, transforms a seasonal actress into animals and plants.

It is exhibited in Tokyo and Omotesando Hills in the exhibition event "beauty taste collection Haagen-Dazs x ASAMI KIYOKAWA" in session.
The object of a dress with an about 3 meter [ in diameter ] x height of about 4 meters which used as the motif the work in which Ms. Shibasaki played the role of the queen "ICE QUEEN" of the country of ice cream also appears on the large stairs of a well.
Holding of an event is till May 6.
The event is the work exhibition in which Häagen-Dazs collaborated to Mr. Kiyokawa.
The queen "ICE QUEEN" of the country of the ice cream which imagined modern version Marie Antoinette who has appeared in CM of the goods, and who Shibasaki played, A setup of having taken off the dress of big ice cream and having gone to somewhere although it came to Omotesando Hills with fairies.
The work which likened the object of a dress and six flavors with the fairy is exhibited at the beginning of a work when Ms. Shibasaki played the role of the queen of the country of ice cream.
its figure is photoed during a period at the hall, and original -- the photography experience event which has the picture which disguised itself as "ICE QUEEN" by the application created -- holding.
If it participates, the new product Haagen-Dazs  ice cream   crepe glacer   tiramisu" of sale can be tried for 23 days.
The goods are the ice cream which aligned coffee sauce and cocoa sponge with mascarpone ice cream, and was wrapped in crepe cloth.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the alcohol of "Fukushima -- buying it -- ! -- " -- Ms. Cyndi Lauper told the foreign journalist

The U.S. singer, Ms. Cyndi Lauper (58) who performed Japanese tour according to one year from the East Japan great earthquake.
The interval of the public performance was applied and it flew about also to reconstruction assistance following last year, encouraging the elementary school of a stricken area.
In it, we send to you the detailed report of the contents of an interview for the foreign journalists on March 12 who appealed by saying, "I want you to buy positively what was produced in the stricken area, and to support it."
About 130 journalists of every country in the world thronged Foreign Correspondent's Club of Japan of Yurakucho, Tokyo.
Mr. Lauper who arrived at the hall takes a seat, receiving a visitor's big applause.
Mr. Yugawa Reiko of the music critic who coordinated the visit of Mr. Lauper to the large highway elementary school in Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi on the 5th also sat next.
It is "tongue" good condition, without tiredness also showing this day, although it is Mr. Lauper who was performing the Tokyo public performance over three days till the previous day.
first -- "-- although such places are the first -- how are you -- starting with smile as ?" -- "-- coming to this country from 1983.
When "true collours" was sung (a spectator), I was glad to have sung together in Japan.
There needs to be an accent peculiar to Japanese people.
I also softened the hall, such as turning round with although there being an English accent --", and inviting laughter.
The free live broadcast of the Tokyo public performance on the 11th the previous day was carried out in the movie theater of disaster 3 prefectures in Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima.
Although it was Mr. Lauper who had announced powerful performance as it being getting down to a seat and singing [ step on a splendid step, or ] in this concert, a steep expression was also shown when telling about a stricken area at an interview.

"A friend is in Fukushima.
It is that it is very difficult although "He does his best" is said to everybody.
The big tragedy set and many people lost work.
It is also difficult even if it is said that what is necessary is just to move a place.
I think it serious that slips out of Fukushima or Sendai.
Since the very serious thing happened, I would like to emphasize "without he to forget" and to say."
Mr. Lauper visited Japan on March 11, last year when the earthquake disaster occurred, and he ventured the Japanese public performance, saying "I would like to give power by music just because it is such at the time."
The reason for having made the selection "it is since I hoped that he could forget a hard thing at that time to have remained in Japan and to have performed the live (time of the live).
Music becomes healing.
I am a rock'n roller.
It was explained that I thought that Locke can save the world."
Although it was the interview told with a hard expression in many cases, when the episode interchanged with the children of the stricken area was touched, the smile was also shown as "Children having been innocent and having been lovely."
"Their life continues.
Although it is in a state severer than a front, life continues.
Therefore, it is without he forgets.
If some shopping is done, buy it from a stricken area.
The store is also kept, please carry out activity of the economy by consuming, and help revival."
It drops in at a musical instrument store, and it is said that pianica was purchased in Mr. [ Lauper / itself ] and Ishinomaki.
Moreover, it looked back upon having received the interview from talent, Mr. Gucci Yuzo, and got the delicious alcohol from "Fukushima.
It told that it checked firmly whether the government (Japan) is actually in what kind of state, and should just tell clearly what may be bought although it was the alcohol made before the earthquake happened."

A good friend to the extent that "the toasted blowfish fins in hot sake of the globefish were drunk in the small Japanese-style food store" after the live on the 11th in Mr. Yukawa.
Mr. Yukawa strove for support of saying, "He is Mr. Gucci Yuzo" in the scene where an interview also explains supplementarily about activity in Mr. Lauper's visiting place and Ishinomaki, and Mr. Lauper talks about it, "Gucci."
Mr. Lauper revealed "The heart became breaking when it gave, while the friend who has lost his job in Fukushima said, "It is OK since it is not polluted (these sweets)"" in the end.
"Fukushima is isolated now.
Also for economic activation, you have to solve and reorganize a problem.
For that purpose, education is required.
You have to make the right judgment on the basis of the right information.
(It is right) Information is power."
An interview is about 50 minutes.
The salute which asks for a question did not stop, either and time passed in the twinkling of an eye.
before leaving being wrapped in big applause -- playfulness -- full -- the alcohol of "Fukushima -- buying it -- ! -- " .
It rounded off with the yell in character with Ms. Cyndi Lauper.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Tokyo marathon, AKB Akimoto Sayaka and others are racing ! Adachi Rika cannot run the whole distance.

The "greatest race in Japan" Tokyo marathon (arrival at Tokyo Big Sight from before Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office) which greets the 6th time 26 days, being carried out -- Adachi Rika , Akimoto Sayaka (23) of AKB48, the Miura Asami announcer (23) of Nippon Television, and talent -- (-- 19) and others participated.

Carrying out a peace sign, the smile of the whole face is floated and Akimoto of AKB aiming at exceeding a participation time last time makes a goal.
Running-the-whole-distance times are 5 hours, 34 minutes, 13 seconds, and brought a result as it declared "It is below 6 hours."
If Akimoto meets the mother who awaited "it was good to run the whole distance safely.
It talked with the expression which felt it relieved like the mother, "It was unyielding."

The fruit punch and Murakami Takesi (30) of the comedy duo who participated by the plan of the Nippon Television system "Hirunandesu" made a goal at the top in the participation member "in the program" in 5 hours, 23 minutes, 42 seconds.
"I was also able to do it.
It was said that the way of the last was run while he thought that a leg could not be taken."
The Miura announcer who was 2nd [ within "program ] place" in delay was shedding tears of vexation for about 30 seconds from Murakami, saying, "It lost!"
Adachi could not reach in time restriction to the 35-km mark, and was not able to run the whole distance to it.
Adachi "I wanted to run the whole distance --
tears of vexation was floated as it was not able to run the whole distance."
Similarly, at a said place point, Sugiyama (34) of variety show trio Wagaya の was caught in time restriction, and was not able to run the whole distance.
Laura Chang (24), talent, is 6 hours, 3 minutes, 53 seconds, and the comedy duo's Audrey and Kasuga (32) ran the whole distance in 5 hours, 44 minutes, 50 seconds.