Friday, January 27, 2012

K-POP is extracted by singer vote of the London Olympic Games, and Hatsune Miku is the 1st place! The 2nd less than place is K-POP.

The artist whom I want to sing the opening of the London Olympic Games by an overseas questionnaire is voted.

Though it was natural, important figures, such as Lady gaga and the Justin beaver, had stood in a line at the beginning, but while conducting a questionnaire survey for a while, K-POP has come to occupy a higher rank.
Furthermore, its vote is cast to Hatsune Miku of vocaroid as if it followed in footsteps of it, and it rises to surface to the 2nd place as of yesterday.
This vocaroid character that is conspicuous while K-POP vigor occupies the higher rank.
That is pushing vote in fact is not Japan but an overseas community site called 4chan.
Surely it seldom sees appealing for vote by "Channel 2" of Japan.
Saying is surfacing to a higher rank by the support from overseas?
Moreover,Hatsune Miku is temporarily excepted and suited the state where its vote could not be cast.
However, several days will pass, Hatsune Miku can be again chosen now, and the 1st place is gained.
Or [ that the overseas user put in the claim ] ....
And Hatsune Miku reigned over the 1st place at last today.
As for the 2nd place, Super Junior, 3 place BIGBANG, 4 place SHINee, and K-POP continue.
By the block votes from South Korea, K-POP has also surfaced at a stretch from several days before.
When it comes to such ranking, it is a usual practice that K-POP takes out a face with a frequenter, but is there any steamroller organization?
since this questionnaire result incidentally is not necessarily reflected -- please .

Sunday, January 22, 2012

AKB48 "request hour" opening Popular music is counted down.

The 1st day of AKB48 "the request hour set list best 100" started.
The formal rival of AKB48 which Mr. Yasushi Akimoto produces, and Nogizaka 46 appeared, and opening announced it "was curtain round and round" of debut music.
It said ", from now on, he would do his best by best temper, and I would come to like to be said as a real rival", he having been surprised at the Ikoma Rihana cheer of a center, and shedding tears.

Then, countdown starts from "the goddess of a theater" of the 100th place.
When it finished singing, three persons, Miyazawa, Oshima, and Kashiwagi, appeared, and every country in the world currently relayed in Korean, Chinese, etc. was greeted.
Watanabe, Nakagawa, and Hirashima are pretty and three persons sang about the "pajamas drive" of the 99th place.