Sunday, October 23, 2011

Princess Mako 20th birthday -- It is this summer and a stricken area and he is a volunteer.

Prince and Princess Akishino's eldest daughter Princess Mako celebrated the 20th birthday on the 23rd.
Princess Mako is the first to become an adult among four grandchildren of the Emperor and Empress.

It was interviewed in advance of the birthday and talked from now on about the ambition as the adult age Imperial Family, "I would like to participate in various events."
Princess Mako is a sophomore at International Christian University (ICU).
Calling it "the state where studied the subject which has its interest as mostly as possible, and it had obtained the opportunity of learning", the future dream and target stated "if the idea can be summarized gradually, considering many things through student life."
It is in the residence of Miya and takes refuge under a desk on the East Japan great earthquake day.
He watched television and it turned round, saying, "He was surprised at the size of the scale of damage."
It visited as the volunteer to Yamada-cho, Iwate of a stricken area, Otsuchi-cho, and Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi in summer, and came into contact with children.
It is also continued to say to earthquake disaster revival, "I would like to engage myself in a form of some kind."

Also the scene of making funny removing about experience were cut by carrying out, saying, "There having been a place where a fuse is a little short once" while assuming "It appreciates I having had you baste severely" about Mr. Prince Akishino.
Having seldom considered marriage, the male image of the ideal presupposed "There is no sure thing."
About the time which began to be conscious of the position of the Imperial Family, it revealed with "the schoolchild's hit", and told "Sometimes not feeling it inconvenient has had various opportunities given, although it is not instead."
It has been for the first time in [ 22 years ] since Mr. [ Sayako Kuroda ] that the "inner Imperial prince" who is equivalent to the Emperor's daughter and grandchild among the Imperial Families becomes an adult.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Jenson Button, the first victory of the wish [ in "the 2nd hometown" ]

It stands on a car and the Button which made a goal at the top is a victory pose to a seat, when a car is parked to a pit rain exit.
The man who declares the Japanese University lover wrested away Japanese GP first victory of the wish.

Although lowered to No. 3 at the start, if it rises to surface to the 8th round at the 2nd place, it will concentrate on packing a difference with Fetel.
When the 2nd pit stop was finished and it returned to the course, it had come out before Fetel.
It appreciates with "efforts of the staff and the favor of a fan's aid."
The first visit to Japan was carried out 15 years ago at the age of 16, and it was fascinated with Japan.
Under the relations with Michibata Jessica of a Japanese model.
Exhibition, contribution, etc. to a charitable auction have offered disaster victim support energetically after an East Japan great earthquake.

It said with a bright expression, "He thought that I wanted it to mince as good recollections as possible although Japan is in a severe situation, and did his best."

Sunday, October 2, 2011

[HAYABUSA] It will be United States public presentation determination in March, next year. Impression is in the world!

What United States public presentation opted for in March, next year was announced by "HAYABUSA" stage greeting performed in Tokyo and TOHO Cinema's Roppongi Hills.
The tale describing the project over seven years of the robot craft "Hayabusa" of Japan which accomplished the achievement which brings the sample of asteroid Itokawa home.
In the U.S., Los Angeles etc. are called open schedule in ten or more cities, and Takeuchi Yuko is "United States. -- It is great.
although feelings do not boil yet, "Japanese will be uncanny to the person in the world! " -- the place to say should be seen -- it was glad in ".

The theater of the first day is a day of our departure [ today ], if many "edits, previews, and campaign are examinations in super-no vacancy.
if you please -- you -- please watch -- " -- I seem to be impressive .
Nisida Toshiyuki (63) and Takasima Masanobu -- (-- 45) and others was also 登壇(ed).