Sunday, April 24, 2011

It is one million times of the reproduction in CM"You Tube" of the all aspects of Kyushu Shinkansen opening to traffic and the phantom.

It hardly got into the news because Kyushu Shinkansen was the next day of a East Japan great earthquake (March 12, 2011) though opened all aspects. It is popular though CM for the television also has put aside indefinitely on the Internet.

JR Kyushu was making efforts to this CM fairly. The theme does the wave by "Kyushu is one" by the people in the place along railway-tracks various places and takes a picture of it from the vehicle of Shinkansen. A special vehicle was arranged by using seven colors of the rainbow to show Kyushu 7 prefecture, and it asked the place along railway-tracks resident from a central station in Kagoshima to Hakata for participation on the homepage. Taking a picture is done and it is said that they gathered 10,000 ..beating.. people or more on the 20th 2 months.
10,000 person appearance that gathers in place along railway-tracks of 257 kilos

Version for the uncensored 180 seconds. A special train slowly leaves a central station in Kagoshima, and the spectacle projected from the car window that runs at reduced speed is a veranda, a roof of a building, a pedestrian bridge, might be a Kuma river in the apartment house or the flag that a colorful desire desire has in the hand suitable is shaken from the shallop and the wave of the person who shakes his both hands continue with the length. There is a grandma who runs carrying the couple and the grandchild of newly-married couple Hoya Hoya that puts on the wedding dress on one's back, too and pleasure is transmitted as it is. Thus, happy travel of 257km in the total length ended from a central station of 3 minutes in Kagoshima to Hakata Station.

Broadcasting is discontinued on the third due to the great earthquake.

However, it is at only three days that this CM was broadcast until the 11th from March 9 to the earthquake day. Then, the large echo occurred when JR Kyushu threw this CM on the homepage. There were about 800,000 accesses, and writing from the stricken area come one after another to "You Tube", too.

「It is a Fukushima inhabitants of the prefecture. We become more energetic than now, too and I want to wave to iris Shinkansen greatly. 」

「It is convinced that the future when people overflow energetically joyfully like this comes to the stricken area. Keep energetic, and ..people in energetic Kyushu.. thank you. 」

Parties concerned of JR Kyushu that produces also say, "This project is desire of not wrong, and fullness of the heart".

Terry caster Ito is deeply moved in the studio. 「I wanted to see more. It only has to do with DVD as there is a version for 50 minutes, too. 」It speaks.

It is said that the comment "I want to see the version between new Aomori from a central station in Kagoshima" was drawn to "You Tube". Is it in Sendai that Shinkansen that has been cut in pieces in the stricken area is still connected by one?The 30th this month (April, 2011) when the driving restart between Ichinoseki is scheduled.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

【Shina Ringo】Seven changes with the music video.

A group of 5 who led Shiina Ringo music video (MV) of new song "/that the sky rang girl was everyone" of the band and Tokyo Jihen (sale on May 11) was open to the public.

The..inside..bewildering..clothes..change..appear.A magnificent dance is performed.

"The girl is everyone" is one spelt in charming lyrics that overflow in love and love to the woman that becomes CM song of '[Makia-ju]' (Shiseido) in which Mr. Shiina performed to CM of cosmetics for the first time.

MV to which Mr. Kodama Yuichi who handled CM serves as the supervisor lovelily expresses the outlook on the world.
However, the appearance sung while changing round and round in Mr. Shiina is like the musical film.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

【Kalafina】It talks about eagerness immediately before beginning of the tour final.

A vocal unit and Kalafina popular around the anime song field such as theme songs of the movie 'Sky boundary' did the rehearsal of opening to the public just before the tour final held in NHK Hall in Shibuya, and the message was sent aiming at the fan on the 15th.

Rehearsal of opening to the public that will refrain from starting in about two hours, and is done in mood strained as long line of fan to look forward to live can be done besides hall. ..two.. of play inside song "Shining empty silence" of ending tune "Magia" and "Black steward II" of popular TV animation "Round * [magika] of the magic girl" sing enthusiastically of three person Kalafina on the stage.

They are three people after it rehearses corresponding to the enclosure coverage and for a lot of fans that come to the tour though it is uneasy time at the same time after the earthquake. touch the assumption of this tour in the stricken area of a East Japan great earthquake ..the contribution of earnings.. a live charity, and send of each the yell to the victim, Wakana described "Even if it was done to do in that, I wanted to be switched feelings thanks to a live tour and the guest who was waiting for it though we were uneasy and hurried, too" and the gratitude.

Moreover, Keiko is a heroic pose talking as the tension to the NHK Hall appearance of the yearning , saying that "It is not thought that want to deliver the music of Magia even if the hall is even large or it is small" as for feelings immediately before the performance. After it is thought, "Live ends when this article is recorded", Hikaru from which the comment was requested at the end :. 「It worked hard this time. I would like you to visit it by all means (To live) because it will work hard next time. 」The message was sent to the fan in the past form, and concentrated reporters were made to laugh.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

【Salyu】The first bounce release party of a new project is carried live.

Salyu announced the release commemoration event of new album 's(o)un(d)beams' put on the market as new project “salyu×salyu" this week and it was announced to carry holding and the pattern live with Ustream in Shibuya WWW on April 15.

It is done by a live form, the stage on both names of Keigo Oyamada of Cornelius who is a joint producer and the Nanao traveler who took charge of a part of writing music in the work now is set up, and release party 'salyu×salyu"s(o)un(d)beams"special event' is carried live for about two hours in live streaming channel 【DOMMUNE】 using Ustream. a theme..two or front..develop.

Moreover, Vo.&Gt of the former [yurayura] empire besides Oyamada takes charge of all compositions other than the cover tune . It is topic Shintaro Sakamoto, it exists, and it disappears and an every one variegated go worked on writing songs.

【team amuse】This is a whole content of the special charity song.

A lot of artists of the amuse belonging that centered on Kuwata keisuke for the victim support and the stricken area revival due to a East Japan great earthquake were done and music and the video shooting were done to the recording of music "Let's try again" that concentration (37 whole numbers/ 54 people) charity was going to be delivered as "Teamed amuse".

Music video..chorus say nothing of..all..become complete..arrange to be..staff..cut..natural..applause..spring..go up.

In addition, taking a picture of special coraboration such as scenes …… to dance the (?) choreography that four people (the scene to which Hara yuko and Perfume sing "I am a piano" together, Sunplaza Nakano, the scene of Miura Haruma, Sato Ken, and Naka riisa that sings "Runner" together, and Miyake Yuji, Ogura Hisahiro, Kisitani Goro, and Terawaki Yasufumi) have them think of AKB48 also :.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Decision having take off with pay or watching bus tour project of "Round *magika of the magic girl" broadcasting day also

The day of broadcasting popular animated cartoon "Round * Magika of the magic girl" in which broadcasting had stopped due to a East Japan great earthquake was decided.

There is broadcasting by three continuous stories it from three o'clock of midnight, too this day doesn't become work, it wants to take off work, and a note has gone out to "twitter" and the bulletin board. Moreover, it goes out to the person who plans the tour that uses the reserving bus even if going to the place that can promptly be watched because broadcasting the central part district such as Nagoya is delayed three days behind Kanto and Kansai.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What is the influence of [haruhi] that changes the plains mausoleum me suddenly?

Hirano Aya to which it served as the voice of the heroine and Suzumiya Haruhi by animated cartoon "Suzumiya Haruhi" series continuously broadcast for four nights in WOWOW at Golden Week talked about the dream as the school days and the radio actor of sober on the 11th. It showed, and it looked seeming the radio actor of Suzumiya Haruhi it , saying that "When it was possible to do, I want to do any axis as the radio actor though it was" when it was greedy recently though it was plains where work other than the radio actor increased, too.

Hirano : though it is Suzumiya Haruhi known as own a well‐fitting role. 「The first impression was confusedly bad. This pup [hatte] what」Easily.

Still, the policy of acting "Girl liked by the girl" seemed to be decided while thinking how to perform Haruhi where it drove recklessly at time as the desire went and to have gripped the position by a casual chance , saying that "The image of Haruhi today finally boiled when the picture of the animated cartoon went up, and the expression of Haruhi was seen". Plains gradually overlapped the character with oneself , saying that "Was it existence that was near itself unexpectedly or thought because it became it though a changeable girl saw Haruhi" while performing it. 「It thinks of such Hharuhi] only in the place where Haruhi obediently says the wish because it becomes it. will have also by usIt is a point of sympathy. 」I was going to analyze after it broadcast first of 2006 and a popular reason of this continuing series.

Uemura aiko of mogul : to the game return sotie Olympic Winter Games.

Continuing the active service as Uemura Aiko(31) that participates in the Olympic Winter Games by four continuous rallies in the authority of the Freestyle Skiing women's moguls it stares at the sotie Olympic Winter Games in 2014, and returning to the game at 11?12 season of year have understood the 12th from coverage to two or more parties concerned.

Uemura of Nagano Prefecture Hakuba high coming from shone to two crowns (mogul and dual mogul) for the victory and 09 years according to the item in world championship Inawasiro rally in 07?08 year World Cup (World Cup).

It married alpine skiing boy's Minagawa Kentaro in June, '09.

The rest declaration was done, and 10?11 season of year was away from the player activity.

【 JIN-仁-】It broadcasts first time by two hour 80 countries in the expansion version and foreign countries.

TBS system serial drama "JIN -仁-" of the start (9.0 after Sunday) decided on the 17th and broadcasting in 80 countries in foreign countries such as Europe and America and each country of Asia and regions was decided.

Foreign countries and the broadcasting contract's having been concluded before it broadcasts in Japan is the first in the history of the drama of TBS.
The evaluation was high in the international television program trade fair of French Cannes and worldwide eminence improves in the first bounce of broadcasting in the autumn of 09 years. The expectation for JIN has risen inside and outside the country.

The expansion version first time of broadcasting on the 17th for two hours. It performs as it starts, and Ayase Haruka(26) from the former work, Nakatani Miki(35), and Uchino Youkow(42) of the Sakamoto Ryouma post continue because the JIN teacher slips at time at the end of shogunate and two years passed. Besides, Fujimoto Takahiro(40) of the Saigo Takamori post and Ichimura Masachika(62) of the Sakuma Shouzan post join newly.

When it is seen by the country of everybody, it is good.

Studio Ghibli 'The ear is clarified' becomes a high-resolution an eternal coming-of-age film and appears in a blue lei.

A blue lei of the movie 'The ear is clarified' in which studio Ghibli made the original of Hiragi Aoi animation is put on the market on July 20. Miyazaki Hayao takes charge of the scenario and the storyboard to this work. The privilege is newly added, and making of a blue lei of fan expectation that became high-resolution or more.

A blue lei of the third work is made 'The ear is clarified' in the studio Ghibli work to which the blue lei making of the old work such as 'Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind' and 'Laputa: Castle in the Sky' continues excluding the Miyazaki supervisor work following the Takahata Isao supervisor 'Mr. Yamada of [ho-hokekyo] and' and the Yonebayashi supervisor '[Ariettei;] of borrowing [gurashi]'. The Kondo supervisor of this work is a person who has become the center of the studio Ghibli work since the movie 'Grave of the Fireflies', and this work is the first supervisor. It is 47-year-old youth and a supervisor work the ..dead Kondo.. only is this Composition as the masterpiece of the coming-of-age film in 1998 regrettably handed down now when the end of the work of movie 'Princess Monoke'.

It appears with Totomi Hidekatsu. AKIRA of EXILE.  The second servitude of Gou

The woman that Mr. (29) AKIRA of dance vocal group "EXILE" that accomplished the Taiga Drama debut by the husband and the Toyotomi Hidekatsu post held the interview on the 11th, and the nature like Gou is strong said by actress's Mr. (24) Ueno juri and ..the second Gou.. ..being asked.. said to NHK Taiga Drama "Princesses' Gou' civil warss" who starred when liking it,

"Loved", answered promptly, and "(With Gou) It was a married couple that the smile doesn't discontinue and it was painful".

"Gou" is a drama that delicately lives through the Warring States Period ofdramatic variations are abundant by the third daughter and Gou of "Asai3 sisters" that was the born between Omi's younger sister, Ichi of Oda Nobunaga, and civil wars general and Asai Nagamasa, and draws externals in which it makes sure of beginning of event of Edo period. Gou has three husbands in the life, performs the Ono lord and the Saji Kazunari post of Owari in the first husband of Gou, and Mr. (29) Mukai Satoshi who performed giant dogwood [shigeru] by "Wife of [gegege]" performs the following two Brigadier General army and Tokugawa Hidetada by Mr. (36) Hira Takehiro and the 3rd husband.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Miss Monday "Travel that looks for making it to 47 administrative divisions music" is started.

Female rapper and Miss Monday.
The start of "Travel" is live in charity event "What a wonderful world" that gathers 50,000 spectators in 4/10 in Okinawa.

It co-starred with MONGOL800, HY, BEGIN, the sambo master, Kasiyuri58, and SaimiSucks. The campaign finance etc. to the stricken area were done free entrance of this event it.

Her Music philosophy is said that it swung from the basis in case of "May I be singing the song? ..touch.." to East Japan large [furuu] and the report though "Travel to which 47 administrative divisions Music is delivered by the hand ..Miss Monday.." at first was prepared. It thought by consulting with management and the recording label, and making release and the live activity scheduled at first a white paper once and the answer that worrying Miss Monday had gotten was "Travel that looked for making it to 47 administrative divisions music. "

「It was not a to tell the truth clear answer. However, I think that I do everything I can do. I want to try to watch my 'Music'. I want you to do so though it might be the self-satisfactory. 」
The specially-installed site where the place of stay of present Miss Monday was able to be confirmed opened. How does her music sound in Japan in which it suffers from an unprecedented natural disaster?Let's pay attention to the trend in the future.

The miwa 1st album "Guitarissimo" is the first in the solo singer of the head position acquisition Heisei era birth.

1st album "guitarissimo" (sale on the sixth and Sony record) of singer-songwriter and Mr. (20) miwa sold 40,000 pieces on the week first of the sale, and the first appearance head position was acquired according to the album ranking of the Oricon week that had been announced on the 12th (dated the 18th). As for the head position acquisition of 1st album, by the solo singer of the Heisei era birth, it is first-ever.

Mr. miwa debuts by "Don't cry anymore" in March, '10. It was appointed to the theme song of drama "Day decided no cry" of broadcasting [sareta] [sakaekura] [****] starring (Fuji Television Network-affiliated) in ten and it became a topic. "[Otoshimono]" etc. that became the inserted songs of drama "Veterinarian Doolittle" of [ogurishun] besides this tune starring (TBS system) are collected to the album.

Mr. miwa「It is very glad to be able to assist a lot because it is an album made hard though it is surprised not to have imagined it. I want to make the song by which the person who will listen in the future can become energetic even a little. 」It comments.

The first "Yoru hit" image to DVD in the pink lady song program

Popular duo "Pink lady" formed again in 0 September, year puts four piece union DVD "Hit studio of pink lady IN night" (Pony/Canyon and 14,910 yen) that collects the appearance image of "Hit studio of the night" of Fuji Television Network on the market on May 27. Making pink lady's song program appearance image DVD is the first time.

"Hit studio of the night" is a long life music program broadcast for 22 years from 1968. The pink lady performed first on December 20, 1976 and announced debut tune "Pepper police inspector".

All appearance image until the day is collected, and the music such as "S・O・S" "Wanted" "UFO" "Southpaw" revives to DVD in front of the dissolution concert. Moreover, the appearance images such as "Report only on star [do] (secret)", "1000 night in the star", and "FNS songs festival" are collected, and it is brought together at 4 hours and 20 minutes.

The pink lady debuts for 76 years by a pair of Mr. [mi-] and Kei. A lot of hits were sent off to the world, and total sales results of the single were about 18 million pieces, and the single that achieved the million seller reached ten.

It forms four times again at the limited time of 05 years, it acts, and it forms again by "Dissolution stopping" declaration in ten this time though it dissolved in 1981. (Mainichi Shimbun digital)

Monday, April 11, 2011

It returns by kabuki actor's Ichikawa Ebizou "Big kabuki in July".

The assault is received from the trouble of the feast, it severely injures, Ichikawa Ebizou(33) of the kabuki actor who was penitent at the indefinite period understood last November, and the stage's returning by "Large kabuki in July" presented in Shinbashi Enbujou (Tokyo and Higashi-Ginza) in July has understood the tenth.

Shochiku Co., Ltd. announced.

Ebizou reflects deeply after the jail sentence of Tokyo District Court in March, the defendant who had assaulted it decided the return once because it withdrew though he or she appealed.

The executive of this company「I do not want to nip the bud of the actor who has the talent. It kept the door open to him. 」It described. Father and Danjurou become proprietor and leader of a troupes as for the performance in July. Ebizo controlled Kyoto and the Minami-za performance at the end of the year voluntarily and performance in Tokyo controlled the public entertainments activity voluntarily as the cancellation etc. in [oroita] and proprietor and leader of a troupe's January.

Moreover, movie "Life" of the Ebizou starring will be open to the public in October.

Placido Domingo/restraint is sung and shaking off visit to Japan and "Hometown" are sung.

Worldwide tenor singer..singing "Hometown".. sing enthusiastically in Japanese on the tenth Plácido Domingo(70) for the people struck by the great earthquake.

"Consert in japan 2011" is done in Tokyo and NHK Hall, and "Hometown" is announced encore. The singing voice that put the prayer to the reproduction and combined with the fan of the seat sounded and it extended.

The voice of the restraint of surroundings is shaken off and it comes to Japan Domingo of an inside and Japanese fan that the overseas artist's visit to Japan discontinuance comes one after another in the Fukushima nuclear accident.

Domingo who reveals the contribution money contribution「I want to help in delivering music even a little. You are believed to recover some time. 」It spoke. The charity concert is held in Suntory Hall on the 13th.
Domingo voluntarily experiences "Mexican large earthquake".
The desire at that time might have driven him possibly.

The Very Best album is released from Anri Warner.

It was announced that Anri released Very Best album 'Heart to Heart ?with you?' in July.

This becomes the first transfering the register bounce work from universal music to international Warner Music Japan.

This album 'Heart to Heart ?with you?' condensed present famous piece of music + most important work + rear cooking stove tune + new song to one piece at the debut this time, and becomes an album Very Best that commands Anri.

According to the label material「I am whenever one's teens, one's twenties, one's thirties, and one's forties, one's fifties, and time are piled up because you were .."... It is a concept as for each wonderful age when someone it is possible to commune it existed in by the side "」[Ni] and 16 selected carefully all are called collection.

「Only memories of the person who loves by the support are the treasures of the life even if being separate in each age, now, and the future. I can become energetic by supporting it with an important person each other, too. I want to value only a familiar person now. The wish was put in the title by such a desire. I want of my own way.. to convey messages through the starting point of the song 」──Anri

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The 25th birth anniversary when Knights of the Zodiac"Saint Seiya" is made into a film by computer-generated animation

Masami Kurumada's popular cartoon Knights of the Zodiac"Saint Seiya" will be made a CG animated film by producing the Toei animation in commemoration of the 25th birth anniversary.

This cartoon draws a Greek myth and the fight and the friendship of boys who wear the armor that is called robe (Cross) are drawn in the motif.

It was serialized by "Weekly boy jump" in 85?90, and the animated cartoon version was broadcast for 86 years in TV Asahi-affiliated.
As for the animated cartoon version, the sequel is made besides it is broadcast by every country in the world as both comics and animated cartoons are intermittent.

In the Toei animated cartoon, the production of a new CG animated film is decided also from the turning point this year on the 25th anniversary of the "Saint Seiya" serial beginning as "Masami Kurumada project". It aims at the acquisition of a new fan by making good use of the latest CG technology.

It is this person that sings that CM song of which Takeuchi Yuko has gone out.

CM song of "[Erikushi-ru] white the Takeuchi Yuko appearance and Shiseido" collects topics. This tune impressive a nostalgic somewhere melody that flows in the Takeuchi to get on the swing of the dazzling sun in the under back is "Asking june bride. " of active artist Makino Yui as the radio actor.

A widely active artist as the radio actor in the animated cartoon who has a lot of core ..Makino Yui.. fans such as "Welcome to N・H・K" and "Girl who puts space" as it ..Kan'no Yoko of composer eye.. ..stopping.. takes charge of "Sousei [akuerion]" ending theme while taken an active part.

Music "Asking june bride" appointed to CM this time is a newly written number of keep active singer-songwriters EPO in the 80's. It is a fresh number that the writer team of Doi asako that got into the news similarly as CM song of "[Erikushi-ruhowaito]" "Are Gift ? you Madonna?" is handling.

Moreover, Makino participates in animated cartoon "C" that begins to be broadcast with Fuji Television Network "[Noitamina]" frame on April 14 as a radio actor, and is expected further activity in the future. Single "Asking june bride" is released on April 27.

Uemura Kana start nationwide tour in Nagoya

Singer-songwriter Uemura Kana(28) who debuts to NHK Red and White New Year's Music Special at the end of last year by the hit of "God in the rest room" starts a nationwide live tour in Nagoya and the Chukyo University cultural citizens hall on the eighth, and "You and I" of the delivery beginning on the 13th (The earnings full amount is contributed to the stricken area of a East Japan great earthquake) the first is announced in front of fan 1100 people. It called for the contribution with the fund-raising box after the the end of a show.

"It was not able to be without doing something when thinking of the victim's hardship. "It was struck in the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995 in the Hyogo Prefecture coming from. It was winter of six years in the elementary school. The lifeline is broken off, and the memory of drinking water from the water wagon to the bucket doesn't disappear now.

Inside where Tohoku earthquake is received and discussion about tour discontinuance happens「When I was struck, the smile was gotten from the song. I can sing this time and the victim be energetic. 」With the insistence. The will of "Repaid the kindness" of Uemura was strong, and it launched out into execution.

"You and I" and "God in rest room" etc. live ..17.. sing enthusiastically. "You" : to lyrics of "♪ might be supported each other, it permit each other, and the world change". 「The person supports each other and is alive. The soapberry cracks having had a hard time and sadly some time. 」The desire was put.

The live stricken area plan is also advanced. The person related to the belonging office「Several offers have reached. The schedule is being adjusted. 」It revealed it. Uemura also「It is possible to sing in case of being one guitar. I want to put up the victim courageously. 」The desire is shown to a live blue sky.

The tour turns by 30 places in the whole country until the middle of July. Performance in Tokyo : in Shibuya C・C・Lemon hall on the 15th.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

It has approached Fujisawa Norimasa/album "Song of hope" announcement ideal.

A famous piece of music and an original tune of classics were united to one tune by the singing method peculiar "Pop opera" and Fujisawa Norimasa of the topic announced album "Song of hope" of the third piece (Dolly music).

Fujisawa touches Celine Dion's song, and thinks out the singing method of the sound that combines the natural voice with the bel canto while greatly attending school in high school days and the case of study in Canada. It debuted by Borodin's "[Dattan] person's dance" in 2008.

The new work is "Song of cherry blossoms" etc. that use title tune and Tchaikovsky "Waltz of The Nutcracker/flower" that makes Beethoven "The ninth symphony and Ode to Joy" a motif. After it unites it, newly written Japanese poetry gets on Original Story's melody and a pop melody original ..the match to it... 「It was serious to sing and to digest the pop melody. However, should vocalist's power have been able to be tested?」With a smile.

It is "The pop color has strengthened. " to differ from the former work. 「The sound of the electric guitar was promoted an important position, and the beat feeling and the sense of rhythm were valued. Up to now, it was elegant. A wild taste was able to be put out. The original degree goes up, too and it approaches a pop opera of the ideal. 」It self-analyzes it.

Friday, April 8, 2011

It sells and a new color also puts Rinka support T-shirt on the market well.

The talent and it was announced that Rinka (37) sold by charity T-shirt of the East Japan great earthquake coraboraited with women's fashion magazine "sweet" on the seventh and put the new color pink on the market from a good thing on the 12th.

Two colors (the gray and white) were sold on the 28th of last month, and 7600 pieces were sold on the first day the second.

T-shirt is 2100 yen for each. Earnings are contributed to the stricken area through the full amount and Japan Red Cross.

【ACL】"You Are Not Alone Japan" ..yell to Japan in banner [kashima] and South Korea supporter.. Soccer

South Korea supporters sent the yell to Japan in which it suffered from a East Japan great earthquake with Asian Champions League (ACL) Suibara vs. [kashima] of soccer that had been played in Suibara in South Korea on the sixth.
You Are Not Alone! JAPAN.jpg
The South Korea supporter that took up one's position at the stand hung out the banner written, "You Are Not Alone JAPAN (You were not one person. Japan)", mourned for the earthquake victim with the player of both team before it played a game, and lifted up the silent prayer.

The game will catch up by Koji Nakata's game-tying goal in the four minutes, and be 1 though Kashima that had faced the official game for the first time as a club to be struck after the earthquake permitted carrying out a preemptive attack at 22 the latter half minutes. ─It ended in the tie of one.

Stronghold [kashima stadium] of Kashima (Ibaraki Prefecture Kashima city) received damage to which the wall and the stairs crumbled due to the great earthquake. As for the home game of ACL of Kashima, the measures held in Tokyo and National Stadium is taken in place of kashima stadium to be struck.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mika Nakashima return Composition is 1st place on ..AKB48.. suppression the week.

Mika Nakashima single releases movie "Cicada of the eighth day" theme song 'Dear' of starring of Mao Inoue on April 27.

Ring song (R) delivering preceding splendidly shone to 1st place by [rekochoku weekly ranking

Ring song (R) of 'Dear' that became a delivery start on the first records 1st place from a daily chart of the first day. AKB48 and alive the one held a popular artist like the borrowing etc. in check, and the weekly chart dated the sixth acquired 1st place during five days within seven days.

Person in question reason「It comes in succession along the content of the movie my feelings under the stop. "Do I do such a desire why?""I'm sorry thank you" etc. Because feelings are expressed straight, I want you to pay attention to lyrics. 」Composition now.

The USEN synthesis chart improves to 2nd place the rank, and seems to raise a noteworthy level still for the movie opening on the CD release date and 29 to the public.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rina Takeda: Taking a picture It becomes impossible "To move" of full of scratches is interviewed movie "KG Karate girl".

It had given an interview before action actress and Rina Takeda from whom all actions had starred in movie "KG Karate girl" named a no wire, no CG, and [no-sutant] (Yoshikatu Kimura supervisor) opened it to the public. In real [tataka] Karate action of really applying the punch and the kick to other party's body and face, Takeda to say nothing of the other party doesn't get damage avoided. The other side of taking a picture of Takeda who laughed, "It was full of scratches" was heard. (Mainichi Shimbun digital)

As for Kurenai soujiro (Kurenai Aya is Takeda) that had appeared in the lineage of the Karate person and Kurenai of the legend that had been said that the movie was the strongest in the world, it was attacked by the group of the mystery that aimed at the black belt of the legend when it was young, father was killed in the presence, and the younger sister was deprived.

The story said …… to board the underground system for evil all alone to [banare] of away taking advantage of a certain event to meet the [natta] younger sister again fatally, and to regain the younger sister being brought up as a homicide machine by the group of the mystery though pass time, and also conceal also by the successor of a bright red Karate the real name, and lived as a usual high school girl by ayaka in Yokohama.

Takeda said to the starring movie of second following former work "High kick girl" by a serious look, "The sense of responsibility how to exceed last time is felt rather than the tension". About the position「The girl of feelings that it doesn't want to fight fights as a hero only for the younger sister this time though fighting did recklessly last time by the loved child. Various desires shut oneself up in the difference from last time. 」The difficulty of acting was revealed.

As for the action, Takeda is good when there was homework of thinking about an interesting technique and the killer shot from the west [fuyu] action supervisor. 「A lot of things that it was possible to mimic it with DVD of the action picture were studied. The techniques for thinking all are about 150 pieces in all. 」It spoke, and it was said, "Mine was employed that much though it had the technique for doing the bridge and putting out the punch as it was" happily.

When the happening under taking a picture is heard, Takeda : while rehearsing with Mr. Richard William [heseruton] also who is the top player of Japan Karate Association. 「It becomes impossible to move really when the punch enters the pit of the stomach. After that, fear has attached for a moment. 」It spoke with a smile solving. Moreover,「My technique strikes other party's eyes, and the ambulance has left though there is a scene fought with nunchakus. It apologized to interrupt taking a picture. 」Severe taking a picture scenery was revealed.

When the star of the yearning is heard, Takeda :. 「J. Chan. The idea of the action is respected in the place where the world is produced with me. Wanting to fight is a jack. Fighting and feeling like the master and the apprentice, etc. are good. 」Eyes were made to sparkle solving. When the post that wants to be challenged in the future is heard, it is said, "The chance that began to become an actor is 'They are eight B class money teachers for three years'". 「When it is an educational institution drama, I want to try a weak post. If it is an action picture, I want to try the comical one. 」The desire was won with Composition next time.

It is popular self-defense force official [ikemen] in the woman in ..Yukie Nakama's elder brother.. stricken area.

Miyagi Prefecture south Sanriku-cho advanced by remediation activity. There is a member who monopolizes the topic of one person and women in the refuge to the average though SDF personnel to whom it was sent to stand in the front because of various places.

A female volunteer staff in their thirties says.

「"Can something able to be helped and do it exist?"When it was called gentle, it was really surprised. …… in chiseled [ikemen] not usually seen. It instinctively put it away as [doki] though it was depressing serious every day. 」

Popularity is high from the senior citizen. A woman who continues the evacuation life in one's seventies adds so.

「By short hair a man ahead dignified. Is the latter half in one's thirties?In a painful evacuation life, it is a popular target we of bar Sans though cannot call here. 」
If the reason is heard at the eyebrow graceful eyes, it is possible to nod. It is actually this SDF personnel, and it is a own brother of actress and Yukie Nakama. It is said that this self-defense force official is the second an elder brother from on though the companion is known as five person brother youngest child.

Because it is not spoken that it is Yukie Nakama's elder brother from me, the "True colors" is said the word of mouth extension gradually from what a surrounding self-defense force official spoke to a part of volunteer and the evacuee , saying that "That person is Yukie Nakama's elder brother" though is few the knower.

A female volunteer staff who that is "However, ……" and above grinds teeth.

「The wedding ring shone to the ring finger of his left hand. If it is single though it was glad ……」

It will give birth in the Tokusawa]Naoko pregnancy six months under the visit to America husband.

Tokusawa Naoko (26) of the model left by the wife of Nishiokagou]infielder (26) of U.S. Major League and Twins on the fourth aiming at U.S. Minnesota state Minneapolis where it was from New Tokyo International Airport to the new house.

It is waited to enter a period of stability, obtains the physician in charge's permission, and it visits America Tokusawa]first child's getting pregnant. It worried about the husband, and according to the coverage of the departure verge and Sankei Sports, love seemed to push and patted the stomach for six months , saying that "I want to stabilize it life early by be not accustomed tired in the environment".

It married last July, first child is started in the middle of August, and, at last, Tokusawa of the birth schedule starts the new life of the husband and Nishioka.

The stomach of Tokusawa: the appearance to the boarding gate by the understanding of the swelling from the dress. 「Is it a physical condition?It is safe. 」It was worried about the husband who contacted the result of past games and the physical condition, etc. by international phone calls each other , saying that" "Such as environments it, and tired in the unbroken tension of the person in question being not accustomed.. though the smile was shown.

Reunion Nishioka who visited America on February 2 to participate in camp of Twins after an interval of about two months. The role as the wife was emphasized from the pleasure , saying that "It wanted to stabilize life first of all, and to straighten the environment from which it was able to take a rest slowly".

Matsuda Seikokami is made to wave and it ad-lib fires it in rapid succession. ?

Singer Seiko Matsuda.
It performs to new CM of hair color brand "Diosa ([dei;o-sa])" broadcast on the sixth tomorrow.

New CM is done taking a picture by the space like the lab where the Kon futurity was made a theme by the chapter of "Evolving bubble", and expresses the height of the quality of "Evolving bubble".

Seiko opens the door of the glass, the commodity that floats on air is turned, and the smile gloatingly for the hand is turned to the camera.

Clothes are choice according to the theme as for a tight, long dress of silver.

In the make-up, silver and pink are taken, and adult loveliness who seems to be Seiko is drawn out.
It was production that always received the wind from the front to the face and the demand with "It wants you to endure blinking" was room while taking a picture , saying that "It is safe".

In the scene to wave a beautiful, long hair, it is said that it puts on the music that hangs to the studio in spite of the ad-lib, the pose is drawn out one after another, and the staff was enchanted.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Kalafina  Three shrine maidens who play ultimate Harmony  

It is mysterious, shocking development and a noisy [no**] animated cartoon of the topic 'Round * [magika] of the magic girl. 'When the infant listens, ending that Kalafina ([karafina]) sings tune 'Magia' ([magia]) can splendidly decide a strange outlook on the world of this animated cartoon because of a black magic Gothic sound in which it seems to cry at night.
CD+DVD 21%OFF[初回限定盤 ] Kalafina カラフィナ / Magia TVアニメ「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ...

It becomes impossible to slip out the world of "..puzzling.. Magi" as [**] withered whenever their ..enchantment niece.. ..passing.. chorus flows at the end of each story.

There are still a lot of mysteries for the profile, and, up to now, Kalafina has been announced with the vocal unit that consists of three beautiful women named Wakana, Keiko, and Hikaru around the theme tune of the animated cartoon and the game. Really as for the music that rudder [urayoki] who is the producer produces, even a different work like pop song with a friendly feeling of animation songs and this 'Magia' (1,575 yen when being putting it on the market) is wide from a complex, as [shinfometaru] of Europe grand number. However, common to all tunes is the chorus work that plays Harmony to splendor.

The sweet voice of three people that looks like perfectly exactly traces three constructed melodies to the sound of a violin by a preeminent skill as a singer, and it melts into each other. This pleasure cannot be tasted by other J- POP and the female idol song. It is near also the impression when listening to the Cocteau Twins and [ofura] [haza] who is predecessors who used the voice like musical instruments for the first time.

Animated cartoon..via..foreign countries..introduce..chance..a lot of..probably because variety lot..comment..draw.Is the evaluations higher than Japan in foreign countries?It is possible to think.

In the age when an unison singing by the idol group and an anonymous singing to which the machine is processed are popular, delicate Harmony with a primitive voice of Kalafina is valuable, and feels even sacredness like shrine maiden's congratulatory address. If the nearest existence in the now and then east and west is enumerated, it is likely to become a small beautiful woman of performing of the [za] peanut by the movie 'Mothra' (1961). It is existence that may be known more widely exceeding the frame of the animated cartoon fan.

It is Asami Haruna and Fukumi Tomoko 48 th classes in the world championship judo representative.

All Japan Judo Federation announced the man and woman representatives except the weight class of the world title (Paris in August) on the third.

48th girl class evaluates results etc. of the international game, and elects the Fukumi Tomoko(Ryotoku-ji Temple educational institution employment) in the second place by Asami Haruna of last year's world championship victory (Komatsu).

Emi Yamagishi (Mitsui The Sumitomo Marine and Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.) who broke these two people by the championship of the trial according to the all-Japan selection weight and won the championship defeated.

After all-Japan championship (Tokyo and Nippon Budoukan on the 29th) and girls end the all-Japan girl championship (Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium on the 17th), the boy of the class weight representative is decided.

Jane Birkin comes to Japan in haste for the earthquake revival support.

It was clarified for actress Jane Birkin to urgent come to Japan, and to hold "Jane Birkin earthquake revival support concert: Together for Japan" in Shibuya club Quattro on April 6.

Jane is 64 years old of the 1946th rare grader now. It challenges the stark-naked scene by the movie 'Desire' that wins Palme d'Or [wowo] in Cannes International Film Festival and it takes the world by storm. Afterwards, movie director's Serge Gainsbourg, it marries, it divorces, and daughter charlotte Gainsbourg also is taking an active part as an actress. Because the president of Hermes had designed for Jane, "Birkin" of Hermes loved by a lot of women was able to be done.

Jane who fretted one's gizzard : to the problem of the nuclear accident that people's lives are still threatened a East Japan great earthquake and now that hit Japan on March 11. "[Ra] [javane-zu]" (The original title: la javanaise) that Serge Gainsbourg announced in 1962, "The song is sent to everybody in Japan that confronted the damage of the large earthquake, the tsunami, and the nuclear power plant at this moment now" through You Tube was sung, and a warm message for about four minutes for the stricken area was sent. It is strongly transmitted that she has hurt her chest due to an unprecedented tragedy that hits Japan from the video.

And, Jane in haste determines the visit to Japan recently. It is said that the artist who agrees to her will plan to participate by music and the reading, etc. besides Jane himself holds the concert on that day. The relief and condolence money accepted in the hall is sent through Medecins du Monde (Doctors of the World) for the revival of the stricken area. When coming to Japan as a leader of the French film festival delegation, Jane : last March. 「Cherry blossoms have never been seen though it comes to Japan 15 times or more. The following come to see cherry blossoms without fail because it was not seen this time. 」It solved and the reappearance day had been promised. It might not have been imagined that it would come to Japan in such shape.

The event is held from 19 o'clock of April the 6th to 22 o'clock in Shibuya club Quattro. It is scheduled to notify with HP in detail.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

It rises the inquiry after the earthquake of Metis "No Longer Human".

Cable broadcasting CAN system clarified that "No Longer Human" of Metis acquired 1st place with the inquiry chart in March on April 1.

Music that asks the listener is said that the inquiry from the Kansai district such as "What is the tune of lyrics that ask like Miyuki Nakashima?" increases rapidly after the earthquake of the Tohoku region Pacific Ocean coast on March 11 , saying that "Is not tears forgotten?".

The request ranking that started from 89th place (3/4 applying) surfaces to the title, too, as the number of inquiries increases. The rank improves to 19th place during earthquake [yoku] week, and it exists in 5th place in the latest 4/1 applying ranking.

The person in charge of cable「As the number of inquiries, one month, "No Longer Human" becomes a big hit in 2009 and exceeds "Four seasons" of the Hill climb that shines to the cable rookie of the year award in the same year. Do it become chances that "No Longer Human" of which it suddenly heard thinks again by witnessing extensive damage due to the earthquake about the life and me, and did a lot of inquiries enter?」It speaks.

Metis「The great earthquake visited Japan. The power of people lost the life, and a lot of places to which it returned were lost. I think that everyone thought about my way of life and its life. As for this tune, oneself confronts the difficulty and the message to advance is put. 」With the comment.

To encourage struck children, the activity that delivers the coloring paper that oneself produced to the locale is planned.

Mr.Children "It is possible to count by looking for hope" new tune delivery!

The delivery release is done on April 4 new song "Food song" of Mr.Children.

Sakurai : this tune in the one that [wahisashi] Sakurai (Vo, G) was received the occurrence of a East Japan great earthquake and written about this tune. 「The state that has been surrounded loses everything, and when it is possible to count by looking for hope after all, : lyrics to this song to the sadness suffering still . . . I want to believe that there is such power again in man. It is a song of such hope. 」It comments.

The desire put in the new song is revealed.

A full ring song starts music on April 4 on the main each site and the PC delivery starts by iTunes Store on the fifth the next day. Earnings are received money to contribution money account "ap bank Fund for Japan" established so that ap bank may rescue all the earthquake victims, and are lifesaving, rescue in the stricken area, and are allotted to the activity capital of the reconstruction support.

Sakurai comment

Meeting in which member gathers on the 14th month.
How about making the tune for that appropriating earnings to the relief and condolence money?
The idea went up.
..fat.. phrase "Food song" floated, it was thought a melody in it not deliberate, and reached this song at last though whether goodness when reluctant, and doing very as this disaster seemed to be ..act of making the person impressed making the tune however.. impure ahead worried how many days it.
The title is "Food song. "
It is sandals by 1 and the carrot and even 2. . . The count song that this knows.
And, lyrics to this song :.
Everything is lost, and it has been surrounded by the sadness suffering.
Still, when it is possible to count by looking for hope after all . . . I want to believe that there is such power again in man.
It is a song of such hope.

Two million follower breakthroughs of earthquake rescue of Japanese adult filmdom of topic Aoi Sora

A high contribution to the earthquake rescue gets into the news about the adult movie industry in popular Japan also in Taiwan on March 30, 2011. NOWnews told it.

A East Japan great earthquake is received, and the adult movie industry in Japan also is starting the stricken area rescue positively. The amount of business says that the certain adult movie site of about 30 billion yen will do the activity that raises a fund the twice the price one work purchase to the stricken area during year by the industry share 38% according to the report of the weekly magazine and [**] weekly of Taiwan. The amount of fund-raising reaches 70 million yen or more, and tells the adult actresses' unexpected contributions by the 17th this month.

The actress and [****] Aoi Sora over which it reigns as a queen of the mini blog in China : at the earthquake generation. 「Canadian [aburanippon]. (Do your best Japan)」The popularity of the brush book [kide] announcement of the message rises further. The number of followers has exceeded two million people on the 28th this month.

It becomes the weather report caster of Mari Yanaka [nihon television].

The Japanese Miss grand prix decision contest in the 43rd fiscal year 2011" It has been understood that Mari Yanaka clothes (20) of the third Keio University grader who shone to the grand prix by (Sports Nippon newspaper backup) perform to life information program "Ichi the hiss" of Nippon Television Network Corporation-affiliated that starts on the third (55 minutes of ?9 o'clock at 8:00AM of Sunday) regular as the weather report caster.

"shuichi" is a program after "the sunday" series broadcast in 1989. Nakayama hideyuki(43) and katase nana (29) serve as MC. Mr./Ms. Yanaka who aims at the report caster : to the first television regular. 「Let's go there of the introduction by "shuichi" because it was said that that child was the going out weather. I will wash while seeing "shuichi" because that child said washing ahead of time. If it is possible to think, it is glad. solve」It solved and it talked about eagerness.

- The third Keio University grader from [marikoromo] Yanaka (inside and ball food) Tokyo. TOEIC is 990 points the STEP class. ..height.. ..meter.. 65. The hope in the future is a report caster. The motto is "The smile is a standard dialect of the world. "

It is V for 11 years in National Invitational High School Baseball Tournament Tokai University Sagami.

The final of the 83rd Senbatsu High School Baseball Tournament was Hanshin Koshien Stadium in Hyogo Prefecture NISHINOMIYA CITY on the third, and Tokai University Sagami of the ninth participation (Kanagawa) broke the assistant to Kyushu International University of Japan to the second participation (Fukuoka) for 29 years with 6?1, and after the 72nd rally (00 years), accomplished the second victory 2 years in a row.

It was defeated at [kyouminami] (Okinawa), the revenge of the nationwide high school Championships of last summer that ended in the second place was accomplished, and a purple-blue champion flag was obtained. The assistant to Kyushu International University of Japan is the first second place. Tokai University Sagami won with a high, mobile power and a powerful the batting lineup as the weapon around Watanabe and Tanaka who was the member from last summer and went up.

Osada with the left arm that becomes the forerunner of the second game after [hidaitataka] of Ogaki of second round starts in advance Tokai University Sagami and Miyoshi of the ace right arm by whom the assistant to Kyushu International University of Japan becomes five game continuous forerunner starts in advance.

It is in Tokai University Sagami to carry out a preemptive attack. First Watanabe who shoots three times and two-base hits between left and center field : to the third base in other party's fielding mishap. The two-base hit is shot at the right center field Tanaka when one postmortem at the preemptive attack, and following Sato is an adversity timely hit, too. These time two points were scored the first. Watanabe four times was one point, and was two points per two Chuetsu food orchis of Sato five times in the right center field ..suitable.. three-base hit, and point was added, and it threw it off with one point by Kan'no's time.. solo. It replaced with Osada and Kondo, and the assistant to Kyushu International University of Japan suppressed the the batting lineup to one point when throwing out.

PUFFY "Rabbit drop" movie &TV animated cartoon theme song is newly written.

It has been understood that PUFFY that comes the 15th debut anniversary handles the theme song of movie "Rabbit drop" of the Ichi Matsuyama Ken starring.

It decides it to the opening theme tune of the TV animation version broadcast by Fuji Television Network "[Noitamina]" in July by music "SWEET DROPS" written for this work. It is an industry's first attempt that makes the same music a theme song with the movie and TV animation.

PUFFY : to the belt of the original comic. 「It decides on the day when it met for the first time and [mashita] .. Excellent luck. It loves. Rin together if possible …. 」Original Story's big fan as comment is drawn. On the other hand, music to be able to look for "Mutual infatuation" was born from the fan of this group it by visiting to original writer's [yumimo] [**] Nitta and concert.

Ami Onuki and Yumi Yoshimura「When the talk of the theme song came, it was terribly glad. The outlook on the world of the original is not destroyed, and it seems to be PUFFY and ……. It is terribly thought that it finished convincing music. 」It solved and the comment was drawn. [**] Nitta also「It is dreamlike. The animated cartoon of not considering it is sung while seeing because it is angry that the mind is poofy and sings in lightening 'SWEET DROPS' and movie theater. 」I am pleased at parting with. solve

The original is a same name popular cartoon of [**] Nitta who exceeds 820,000 total circulation. The SABU supervisor took the megaphone, and Matsuyama and very talented child actor's Ashida [aisai] accomplished the first co-starring to the movie. 27 years old and young person [daikichi] without lovers receive six-year-old love child and phosphorus that meets in grandfather's funeral, and the appearance to work on the child care desperately is drawn clumsily.

Movie "Rabbit drop" is opened to the public in the whole country on August 20. Broadcasting schedule of TV animation "Rabbit drop" in July by Fuji Television Network "[Noitamina]" and others.

It is bold in Hasegawa Jun defenseless. ? 「NATURAL BEAUTY BASIC」

Began the be on the air of new CM of apparel brand "NATURAL BEAUTY BASIC" to which [uruo] Hasegawa of the popular model performed since March 26.

The chapter of new CM "Put it on" challenges "Body of which it falls in love and clothes of which it falls in love" in the concept and it challenges "Expression for which it appeals to senses".

[Shigusa] and the expression, etc. of which the woman who fell in love a simple white shirt that drew out the charm of the woman to its maximum mainly came with a jerk were expressed.

The viewpoint is a sexy expression without [uruo] Hasegawa before. It chases in defenseless and the lover eyes it as for the appearance of bold [uruo] Hasegawa lines, and CM that can taste ..throbbing.. feeling.

It can watch the version for 30 seconds (the chapter of "Get wet" besides the chapter of limited movie "Put it on" and the chapter of "Take it off") on each store and an official site of "NATURAL BEAUTY BASIC".

Moreover, CM song that produces the outlook on the world of CM more dramatically is a new song that rising R&B Singer and Matsushita Yuya put on the market on May 4 "Naturally". In the music video of this tune, another love story that does focus to clothes of "NATURAL BEAUTY BASIC" is progressed. (model press)

- "NATURAL BEAUTY BASIC (natural beauty basic)"

Brand that turns enhancement of lifestyle of person who puts it on to wide layer and proposes "Comfortable (comfortable)" to key word.

The white shirt etc. made the blouse and [pari] of a light material will propose coordination with a clean feeling mainly this spring.

AKB Miyazawa is a capital gubernatorial election and early voting. "Does Japan change by your one vote?"

Miyazawa (20) of AKB48 did the early voting of the capital gubernatorial election ([**] ballot counting on the tenth) in Tokyo and Shibuya Ward Office on the second.

Miyazawa who voted for the first time「I was watched again what you were able to do for the people struck by a East Japan great earthquake. I want to actually deliver the going smile to meeting through the screen. 」It talked. 

Moreover,「Please vote only at such time. Japan might change by your one vote. 」It solved and it called for the vote.

To the question that the member of AKB goes to vote clearly , saying that "Go". About the 3rd "AKB48 selection general election"「The place how many is good. When it is possible to come out among the best ten, it is glad. 」It commented. 

To everybody

It starts and everybody.
I say the turning over sleep of Japan here.

My best regards because public entertainments information on Japan will be sent to [minasan] in the sphere in English in the future please.