Sunday, May 22, 2011

【 Madonna Verde 】Ribera is a singing voice like the angel whom can be relieved as for the mind.

The inquiry pours in to theme song "Miracle of the life (life)" that Ribera of the British boy vocal unit sings by NHK drama "Madonna Verde" of the topic (10:00PM of Tuesday) with performing of Matsuzaka Keiko(58) surrogate mother birth.

The original cuts it into the surrogate mother birth problem by "Gene waltz" and "Madonna Verde" of the writer and Kaido Takesi. Midori 55-year-old that performs Matsuzaka is asked and determines, "It wants you to give birth instead of me who lost his womb" from only daughter's Rie(Kuninaka Ryouko).

The theme song becomes saving the drama of this thrilling, serious theme. It is Ribera in a transparent feeling by boys of 7~14 years old of the south London living that sounds the overflowing sweet voice. It is a singing voice of a worldwide, popular angel who has performed to the concert where it precedes U.S. President Bush's ceremony and the Mass of 16 generations in pope Benedict.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It arrives at the Justin Bieber and Kansai International Airport. The nuclear accident is not dreaded. "Moreover, it is glad for Japan to return. "

17-year-old popular singer Justin Bieber arrived at Kansai International Airport on the 16th. Visit to Japan this time when it was reported that the majority of crew refused making a passage for Japan in the fear of going to Japan where nuclear accident occurs. The visit to Japan will finally be achieved strongly will "They do not want to be of Japan that bought the ticket.. disappointed" of Justin. Justin does the first live for Tokyo in Japan on Osaka and 19 on the 17th.

A lot of fans meet it in the Kansai International Airport lobby at which Justin arrives. Appearing Justin rushes immediately in the fan, and serves the fan to denim that white T-shirt and blue Parker and the wash enter black sunglasses from the fan with [su] tile as the signature etc. saying to handed colored paper and CD, "Thank-you" rough such as sneakers and always of the gray. It was commented to gathered fans, "Moreover, it is glad for Japan to return" with a smile.

Justin the documentary movie ' Justin Bieber [neva-] Sei [neva-]''s that chases his tracks opening it to the public is putting latest album "[Neva-] Sei [neva-]" on the market now. Phrase "[Neva-] Sei [neva-]" also in each title with is cannot "It doesn't say. " when translating literally. Justin who had been appealing for live discontinuance by bad health in the movie, "It was absolutely unpleasant" accomplished the desire of splendor and showed it. Vigour is live of doing in the future delivered to Japan.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

It is U.S. animated cartoon Exposition in July of the overseas concert decision of first Hatsune Miku.

It was the 13th clarified that the first overseas concert of Hatsune Miku was executed by "Animated cartoon Exposition 2011" (1~4 day and United States time of July) held with U.S.-Los Ansels.

" Hatsune Miku" is a music software to synthesize radio actor and Fujita's voices by the

setting of doing a virtual idol in produce and to sing freely, and a name of the character. Break as a large amount of images that height of perfection of character and software that illustrator's Mr. KEI drew becomes topic, Miku is sung to site of contribution of animation of the Internet, and danced are contributed if put on the market in 07. Relation CD etc. were put on the market, game software was put on the market to the high rank of Oricon by Sega besides entering the ranking, and it became popular both.

The ticket was sold all to the concert held by the one of projecting the appearance of Hatsune Miku onto the stage with a special translucent screen, singing, and dancing in Japan in the concert on the sale same day. The first overseas concert is held as an event in "Animated cartoon Exposition 2011" in the NOKIA theater on July 2. The improvement is executed in addition for foreign countries as an English tune is put based on "Thanksgiving of miku of the day" opened in Tokyo on March 9,'10. Sega takes charge, and the krypton Future media supervise the production of the image.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Polyrhythm sends it Perfume.

It was announced that "Polyrhythm" of Perfume was appointed to this volume insertion song of the latest in Pixar work Disney/'The Cars 2' open to the public on Saturday, July 30.

'The Cars 2' is the latest work of Disney/Pixar that the staff of 'Toy Story 3' that gives the all parts of the world box-office profit of No.1 on the animation history of film presents.

Action adventure for genius racer "McQueen" and worn-out [rekka-] car "Meter" to dash out from radiator spring of [ho-muguran;udo] in the world of car, and to confront plot huge as a weapon friendship with Japan, Italy, France, and Britain in the world.

"Polyrhythm" of Perfume flows in the party hall of the night before it the world grand prix races in Japan. I hear that it is a scene where the high technology of dazzling unites with status high [i] tradition that symbolizes "Mysterious Nippon".

There was a Pixar staff of the Perfume fan the chance of "Polyrhythm" appointment. Supervisor's John [raseta-] greatly speaks very highly of pop, cute [kyokutotono] when "Polyrhythm" is appropriated by temporary by this staff's recommendation when looking for Japanese artist's music for the party scene in Japan. It formally decided it.

'The Cars 2' all Americans is opened to the public on Friday, June 24. Opening in Japan to the public is decided on Saturday, July 30.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

It sheds tears for the holding a ceremony proposal by the princess Kaoru and the Akira Nishimura Las Vegas.

It was clarified that Kaoru Sugayama(32) that converted it into beach volleyball had held a ceremony with same beach player Koichi Nishimura (37) in a volleyball former girl all-Japan in March this year on the sixth.

The expression only of two people was admitted to visit the hall of the JBV tour Tokyo rally (Odaiba kaihin-koen) on this day when Nishimura participated, and to have been enumerated in the church of the U.S. Las Vegas on March 3 this year.
The registration of marriage was not submitted in Japan, and it was spoken, "It is thought that it put it out by the end of May or June".

Sugayama is converted into the beach in 09, and belongs to the office where Nishimura serves as the president. It was good, and developed from natural association into the marriage without considering the man and woman , saying that "It was very the same" since then.
It proposed on the birthday, December 26 last year, Tokyo Tower under "Let's marry", and did OK with tears , saying that "It was glad". It is said to T-shirt that it was an everyday wear of leaves and sunglasses in the expression.

Sugayama is All Japan for 05 years of the volleyball age. The pet name of "Princess Kaoru" kept popular in the transparent fair skin. There is a good plan for the mama to aim at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics for 16 years according to Nishimura , saying that "Speak that do not want to make the child by the end of this year" though be not pregnant, too.

In Sugayama, it is absent, and the return by domestic meetings in an overseas rally in summer or autumn targets due to the pain in a left knee and lumbago now as for the tour. The recipe of the coming [npira] burdock is instructed, and the husband is supported from Nishimura's mother by the faithful aid of one's wife for a while though Nishimura is meat of the favorite dish.

Friday, May 6, 2011

【Kalafina】Appearance is decided to animated cartoon Exposition by the main guest.

Class three females vocal unit "Kalafina " that sings the tune of the ending of "Madoka * Magika of the magic girl" performs and the guest performs to "Animated cartoon Exposition 2011" that begins by U.S.-Ros Ansels on July 1(local time).

As for the disguise rally with the early screening association, the game rally, and the fan etc. , various events have been held from costume play, karaoke, and the video contest inviting the guest of a famous animated cartoon cartoon and Music Japan every year.

Talent's Nakagawa Shouko, Anna Tsuchiya, and "PUFFY" "Morning Musume" "AKB48" etc. are invited as a guest, and it has taken an active part so far. serve as live and the judge of the costume play contest

Kalafina is [anison] ability sect group that is offering the theme song by popular animated cartoon series "Empty boundary" and besides original of the sound production of composer and rudder [urayoki] widely active from the movie to TV animation and "Madoka * Magika of the

magic girl" "Black steward", etc.Tune "Magia" of the ending of "Madoka * Magika of the magic girl" put on the market in February has acquired 7th place by the ranking on a single week of Oricon dated February 28.

The event is held at Los Angeles Gong [be] [nshon] center on 1?4 day (local time) in July. Kalafina is scheduled to participate in meat & greet, an autograph session besides live, and various events such as panels, and to have the opportunity of the exchange with the fan. (Mainichi Shimbun digital)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

【 Figure skating world championship 】It is the second for four years. Miki Ando and reversal V

Queened all-Japan by having aimed at the come-from-behind victory from SP 2nd place of the head position and 0.33 point differences Miki Ando (23= Toyota Motor) made a comeback to the queen after an interval of four years every the synthesis 195.79 points. An almost perfect acting is announced though there was a mistake that three-rotation second [to-ru-pu] in continuous jump from a middle two-rotation half becomes two rotations by other elements.

Vancouver Olympics gold medallist's kim Yona (20= South Korea) continued by the jump of the first stage as three-rotation jump became one rotation the mistake, and ended in 2nd place by the SP head position in the synthesis 194.50 points.

The score doesn't expand as rotation shortage is taken by the first three-rotation half jumps, and free is 114.13 points, and the synthesis is 6th place by 172.79 points. Mao Asada (20= Chukyo University) who aimed at Japanese first girl's 2nd straight victory

Kanako Murakami of the debut (16= Aichi and height of Chukyo University Nakagyo) was 8th place in 112.24 points and the synthesis 167.10 points as it became rotation shortage in the latter half of at the beginning and continuousness three rotation jump.

Ando who had shone to the queen world talked about pleasure with a smile after it had played a game.

??Today's acting.

「It was not ..Miss.. and you may slip with a good tension big. It slipped by thinking about Japan from me (It was struck by a East Japan great earthquake). It is the current and big difference. It set it up in strong feelings in the link. 」

??Though it was an alternative holding.

「It must be small that my sadness is painful compared with the people (victim). Feelings that I (Because father was lost due to the traffic accident when it is young) lose the family, too are understood. It was skating to have blown off the feelings when it was small. I wanted to send the smile to the person who had assisted for skating that got the smile. 」