Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In Todaiji Temple"[Mantou] holding a service association"

The face of Rushanabutsu ([rushanabutsu] = great image of buddha) that was managed routine occurrence "Mantou holding a service association" of Todaiji Temple (Nara City) at Bon Festival by this temple great image of buddha lord on the 15th, and was compared from "Kansou window" in front of the great image of buddha lord to a faint light floated.

The light was lit in about 2500 light displayed to the approach to a shrine etc. around 7:00PM. In light that applied for the votive lantern beforehand, the word that wished the revival of "East Japan great earthquake revival prayer" and the stricken area was seen, too.

It started in 1984, and those who visited a shrine became charged for the congestion cancellation etc. on that day this year when the Mantou holding a service association installed the chance to hold a service of the ancestor to the people who were not able to go home at Bon Festival.

Leah Dizonn: The first CM appearance after it divorces

After it divorces of December last year, the talent and Leah Dizonn(24) from the United States appear in advertisements for the first time.

It takes a picture by new CM of "Shonan cosmetic surgery clinic" in Manhattan in U.S. New York in which present home is located in the end of June. It is spoken, "Because the camera had been turned after a long time, it was confusedly strained".

Eldest daughter Mira(2) is taken in January this year immediately after the divorce and it visits America Leah. It studies at the drama school in New York and it is striving , saying that "Second excellent in the class" (parties concerned). It fills one's mouth , saying that "It is nostalgic" when one of the stamina sources finds "Combustion" etc. with Japanese food in the locale. It will be an ambition when the future , saying that "I want to work hard as an actress". Broadcasting schedule of CM in the end of this month.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Is the Yoshida Eri the second person in first victory = girl player in history Baseball and the U.S. independent league

Yoshida Eri pitcher (19) who belonged to the U.S. independent league and Maui of baseball started in advance, enumerated five times in the game against Edmonton that had been done on the Maui,

Hawaii island of the stronghold on the ninth, and the first in this league victory was enumerated in the nice pitching of four safe hit one lost point. It is the second person in history according to the baseball team that the girl player's it becoming a winning pitcher in the professional league Iler Borders since then in 1998.

A ball is thrown to Yoshida of whom arms who are the knuckle balls from [migiyokote] a throw not to concentrate on 19 batters. It deprived of one strikeout though 34 spheres were given.

Yoshida joins Kobe of a Kansai independent league as the first girl professional player in Japan who mixes with the boy and plays in 2009. It has played in the United States since last year.