Tuesday, June 26, 2012

[MTV VMAJ 2012] Perfume 2 crown acquisition! Furthermore, new single sale determination!

Good Perfume wins a "best dance video prize" and a "best arrangement-of-a-dance prize" by <MTV VMAJ 2012> which runs the whole distance and by which the single "Spring Of Life" was held on Sat., June 23 in the national arena tour which will include a Nippon Budokan Hall 4DAYS addition public performance in May!
Furthermore, the design of sale of the new single "Spending all my time" also clarified the label logo of "Perfume Records" on August 15 at determination and the time of said.

The international award ceremony of a music video which greets the 11th time by the end of this year<MTV VMAJ 2012>.
Perfume in which the appearance of opening and the dance performance of the intermission also achieved the announcement and the award taking charge of MC on the day "I am really glad that it can be awarded!

It is not believed! A joy [ " ]ful of comment
And the new single "Spending all my time" used as the 15th sheet, The title music of being powerful summer Anthem is begun, and two music, the "point" already broadcast as a commercial song and "Hurly Burly", is stored in coupling.
in addition, the design of a label logo -- "-- it has a look and can imagine us -- as -- " -- put the meaning and the member itself completed the basis of talks, and the design.
"pfm" of the alphabet -- each character -- my Ahh from the left, and the design that lent and imagined the hairstyle of Yuka and Nocchi!

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