Saturday, August 18, 2012

【The representative of South Korea for soccer 】The "Takeshima" problem is the tip of the iceberg. Impolite continuation

It is the problem over which the player of the representative of South Korea who won Japan hung up the message board written "Dokdo is our territory" about Takeshima (the South Korea name and Dokdo) after the London Olympic Games soccer men's third-place play-off, International Olympic Committee (IOC) Chairman Rogge showed the idea which opts the disposal determination of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) for the treatment of waiting and a bronze medal.

South Korean reporters who do not stand up to a friendly match at an assassin's banner and Kimigayo

With what of FIFA does the South Korean player's act conflict?
It has described "A player and an officer must show politics, religion, commercials, and an individual message and slogan in neither a stadium nor a training place" at the regulation (regulation) which FIFA provided in the soccer game of the London Olympic Games.

The act itself over which the South Korean player hung up the message board regardless of whether it had expectation by the severe regulation to which it is prohibited also from writing a message in a bag, a PET bottle, a medical supply, etc. which the player has is breaking.
Moreover, there is also wording which forbids hanging up the message and the political slogan as which a spectator insults a partner, or speaking in a punishment code (rule) of FIFA.

That is, the act of the South Korean supporter will be regarded as questionable from the time before a message board is handed to the South Korean player.

In the Japan-South Korea game of soccer, receiving various provocation from the South Korea side has been continued until now.

In the friendly match in October, 2010, the huge banner of An Chung-gun known for having assassinated Hirobumi Ito and Lee Sun-sin who turned down Hideyoshi Toyotomi's Korean campaigns was hung up over the stand.

In the national anthem performance before a game, the figure of the South Korean media which do not stand up to Kimigayo is also conspicuous.
Although Japan Football Association is going to complete the situation only by telling regret in consideration of a relation with the South Korean association, I feel that it is insufficient.

If recurrence prevention is not urged in a strong attitude, it is only whether it feels unpleasant by the following Japan-South Korea game.

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